Good News Friday: A Middle East story of brave pioneers. Some college football players show their true honesty. And Jon Stewart is back!


And a Happy Friday to all! I’m happy because this coming weekend is always one of my favorites of the year: The first week of the NFL season, and the U.S. Open semifinals and finals. (For the record, I predict the Jets to go 3-13, and Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic to win the Open.)

But here are three more things to be happy about, if tennis and football aren’t your thing:

First up, a fantastic human-interest story with a positive spin from the Middle East, where we get positive news about as often as Rush Limbaugh makes sense. But Chuck Culpepper of has found a wonderful tale, of the pioneering women’s soccer team from Jordan, trying to become the first Arab team to make the Women’s World Cup.

They are bravely breaking barriers for women, for women in sport, and bringing some hope and joy to girls around the region, making them believe (we hope) that anything is possible.

Culpepper has written a beautiful tale, that’s well worth reading as a reminder that even in the Middle East, progress is possible.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

**Next up, Jon Stewart is back on “The Daily Show,” after a three-month break, and all seems right with the world again.
This clip from this week isn’t the funniest one ever, but it’s just a small slice of what we miss by not having him on TV. I love me some Jon Stewart.


**And finally, I love this story.

Jelani Bruce, Anthony Biondi, Kell’E Gallimore and Thomas James are all football players at tiny William Paterson University in New Jersey. On August 25, the quartet walked into a 5 and 10 store during a break between practices.

The store was closed, but the lock malfunctioned and the lights were on, making it appear open. They picked out batteries for a game remote and an auxiliary cord costing a total of $5 and searched the store calling out for a clerk.
They couldn’t find a clerk, so they left the money that the items cost (about $5) on the counter, waving the bills at the security camera (that’s my favorite part!) to show how much they were leaving. They also left $.80 in tax, and walked next door to a Rite-Aid to tell someone there what they had done, and that the store was unlocked.
The owner of Buddy’s Small Lots was moved by the gesture, and had the security camera footage aired on TV, when a sister of one of the players identified the men.
Such a simple, honest act, but a beautiful and unexpected one, don’t you think?
They were already on the “Today” show and may soon be on “Ellen.”
We hear so many negative stories about the Johnny Manziels of the college sports world. Please, oh please, let these William Paterson kids get 1/10th of that attention this season.

One response to “Good News Friday: A Middle East story of brave pioneers. Some college football players show their true honesty. And Jon Stewart is back!

  1. I’m going to be one of the few people to say the Jets won’t be as bad as everyone thinks. We’ve got a fast younger defense, a decent O-line, two big running backs and a quarterback, who while inexperienced, can throw the ball down the field and run. The receivers aren’t as bad as everything thinks, and we have a decent secondary with Cro. Preseason doesn’t translate to regular season. I say Geno does OK with the new offense as they let him gradually adjust to the NFL. 8-8.

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