The Jets are undefeated, and more NFL Week 1 thoughts. A beautiful letter from mother to son. And Serena, queen of the Open


Fifteen more wins and the Jets go undefeated! Super Bowl here we come baby!

OK, OK, I’m not anywhere near that crazy.

I know that my beloved New York Jets got a little lucky Sunday, thanks to the Tampa Bay Bucs making a whole lot of stupid plays, and took a horrendous late-hit penalty in the final 10 seconds that gave the Jets a chance to kick the winning field goal and claim an improbable 18-17 win.

And look, I still think this Jets team is going to be terrible, winning either four or five games.
But I’m allowed to feel good after a Week 1 win, right? I’m allowed to notice that Geno Smith, after a shaky first 1 1/2 quarters, had a great TD drive at the end of the first half, and a really solid final 30 seconds, making a big throw and a big scramble to set up the winning field goal?
The kid looked poised except for a few plays. He was not Mark Sanchez, which is always good, and it didn’t seem like the moment was too big for him.
And the Jets defense was stellar, particularly against the run, except for them forgetting to cover Vincent Jackson all day.
Given how well they competed, to still need a near-miracle to win, doesn’t bode that well for the future. I fully expect them to get crushed by the Pats on Thursday night.
But hey, for one day, 1-0 sounds really sweet.

— Other quick-hit NFL thoughts:
— The Giants and Cowboys always play wild, ugly but exciting games in prime time, don’t they? No wonder NBC always wants them.
— My Dad’s in one of those NFL “suicide” pools this year for the first time, where each week you pick a team not to lose, and as long as they win, you stay in. But you can only pick a team once.
I told him to pick Pittsburgh for Week 1, because they always win their opener and they were playing a poor Titans team. Oh well. I got the guy eliminated in Week 1. Hard to do.
— Huge win for the Saints, confidence-wise, to beat Atlanta. Such a different team with Sean Payton back coaching them.
— Something I never thought I’d say: Terrelle Pryor might be a decent NFL QB. Looked good for the Raiders at times.
— And how about those Buffalo Bills? Always there to break your heart. Thought they might actually beat Brady and Co., taking a late lead, but then of course they let No. 12 come down the field on ’em at the end, and get a last-minute field goal. Oh Buffalo, don’t ever change.



**So this was really sweet and touching. A teenage boy named Zach Gibson decided to announce that he was gay on Facebook, and his mother found out about it that way.

And so Michelle Conway McClain decided to write her son a small note telling him how she felt about his admission. Read the letter above, and an explanation of why she wrote the letter here.


**Finally today, in-between all the football I took in the U.S. Open women’s final, which was again a showcase for how good the sport can be (anyone who doesn’t think women should get as much prize money in this sport as men is just nuts).

Serena Williams, as has been the case for most of the past 13 years, showed why she’s in the conversation for greatest player ever, beating Victoria Azarenka, 7-5, 6-7, 6-1.
I’ve said many times that I don’t like Serena as a person, thanks to her arrogant attitude and her abhorrent on-court behavior at times, but you have to admire her talent and career.
That she is still dominating, and can rise to the occasion whenever it’s called for, is damn impressive. Her fifth U.S. Open title wasn’t tough sledding until the final, and all credit to Azarenka, who despite her shrieking like a tortured animal every time she struck a ball (seriously, does she realize how obnoxious her grunting sounds?) played a hell of a match.

But Serena is an incredible talent, and even though her behavior leaves much to be desired (though she was exceedingly gracious in interviews during the Open), she is a champion worth saluting, one of the best we’ve ever seen.



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