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Another mass shooting proves nowhere is safe. A beautiful new commercial you must see. And hilarious FCC complaints about Miley Cyrus


Monday morning, a man his friends and family described as reasonable and normal drove into his workplace and began firing bullets all over the place, targeting random people who just the other day he might have passed in the hall.
This man has killed 13 people so far, and himself, and it’s an absolutely horrible tragedy.
And yet, one of my first thoughts Monday might even have been the same as you: “It happened again. This is becoming routine, isn’t it?”

That’s one of the most amazing, awful things about living in the U.S. in 2013. There have been so many mass shootings in the last few years that we’ve come to accept them. We’re horrified, and heartbroken, yes, but sickeningly it has become a part of our national tableau: Football, hot dogs, and mass shootings.

Oh, this one was a little different in several ways: It happened in what was thought to be a secure location, the Washington Navy Yard.  It’s a military facility with armed guards at every gate.

But Aaron Alexis didn’t break any laws when entering the facility, with his weapon; he simply drove onto the complex flashing his ID badge, and there was nothing anyone could do to stop him.

Crimes like this show how toothless our gun laws really are, and also remind us that no one, and nowhere, is safe from this scourge on our society.

These mass shootings keep happening, with numbing regularity, and God help us all if we get to a point of shrugging them off and moving on to our next distraction.
Because that day could be coming.

**Next up, a commercial that just blew me away. It’s a three-minute ad for a Thailand communications company called True, and it tells the story of a man rewarded for a lifetime of good deeds in an unexpected way.

Watch. And maybe keep a few tissues nearby.


**Finally today, this is good for a laugh. Whenever anything “shocking” or “indecent” occurs on national television, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is inundated with calls and complaints from viewers, who just can’t believe such conduct is tolerated in these here United Sates, and my goodness can’t the FCC do anything about it?

The most hilarious FCC complaints ever were after the Janet Jackson-Justin Timberlake Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction; man, those were fantastic (go ahead and Google ’em, I’ll wait).

But these fresh complaints from Miley Cyrus’ provocative and downright pornographic performance on the MTV VMA’s are pretty solid in their own right.
Here’s the SmokingGun.com dossier on the gripes, but below are a few of my favorites:

— “Cyrus “touched the genitals of an older man while performing music.”
—  Cyrus was acting like a devil flicking that tongue as deamons do.”
— * Cyrus engaged in “implied sexual acts with bears.  (Oh come on, who among us hasn’t?”)

And my personal favorite…

“Miley should be excommunicated from the music community!”