Good News Friday: Scientists reveal the secret to happiness (really). Another awesome Jimmy Fallon lip sync-off. And the canceled wedding that turned into a feast for the homeless

Two more things, besides the three below, that I wanted to mention for Good News Friday: One, there was a beautiful, emotional scene at Yankee Stadium last night, as Mariano Rivera pitched for the last time in his career at Yankee Stadium. In a perfect touch, the Yankees had Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter go out to take Mo out of the game.

And Michael J. Fox is back on TV! And his show is funny! At least the first two episodes were. Great to have Alex P. Keaton back on TV.

What’s the secret to happiness? It’s a question we’ve all asked or wondered from time to time, some of us in moments of clarity, others of us in moments of clarity caused by drugs in college.
No one really knows, but some researchers at something called Soul Pancake did a really interesting experiment recently where they asked a group of random people to talk about who has most influenced them in their lives.

The results are really sweet and interesting, and I’m almost certain this video will brighten your day.

**Next up, Jimmy Fallon has become known for his terrific musical numbers on his late-night show, whether it’s him singing in character like Bob Dylan or Neil Young, his raps with Justin Timberlake, or his lip-sync contest with other celebrities.

Here from the other night’s show, Jimmy, and actors Stephen Merchant and Joseph Gordon-Levitt do a fabulous medley, including Elton John, Will Smith, Beyonce-Z and classic 80s tunes as well… try not to laugh, I dare you.


**Finally, a true feel-good story to head into the weekend. Carol and Willie Fowler, living in Georgia, had planned a big wedding for their only daughter, only to see the daughter split up with her fiancee and cancel the wedding 40 days before it was to take place.

So, faced with non-refundable deposits on food, venue and music, the Fowlers decided to do something wonderful, instead of just eating the money: They hosted a 200-person dinner for the homeless.

Partnering with a local non-profit that feeds and clothes Georgia’s most needy citizens, the Fowlers coordinated a wonderful event.

According to this story, on Sept. 15, buses transported 200 homeless women, children and families to Villa Christina for the event. It began at 2 p.m. with outdoor appetizers and space for the children to run and play.

The event then moved inside, where the approximately 50 children had a room to themselves with face-painting, juggling and crowns.

“The children had chicken fingers, French fries, fresh fruit and chocolate chip cookies,” Carol Fowler said. “The adults had salmon and chicken.”

The Fowlers say they hope to make this an annual event. What a wonderful gesture; I hope they do hold it every year.
I’ve worked at soup kitchens before, and I can imagine the looks on those guests faces when they walked into the fancy restaurant.

I guarantee you they would’ve been happier than any of those wedding guests to the Fowlers’ daughter’s wedding.


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