The Jets remember that they stink, and other NFL thoughts. An evil woman at a baseball game steals a ball. And Lane Kiffin, good riddance

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*”Homeland” is back! Very pumped up that my favorite show, by far, currently on TV has returned for the fall season. I watched the season premiere last night, but just like I did last season, I will do my weekly “Homeland” analysis/thoughts and stuff on Tuesdays, to give my fellow show fanatics a chance to watch it without risk of spoilers. All I’ll say today is that Sunday night’s episode was very, very interesting with many unexpected twists…

Yeah, so this is what life is like when your football team has a rookie quarterback.
One week, he plays awesome, and you think “Finally, a franchise signal-caller to build around.”

Then the next week he looks like a JV quarterback for a bad high school program, and you wonder if this guy really is the answer, or just another in a long line of failures.

That’s what the last two weeks were like for the Jets and Geno Smith. A week after playing pretty terrific against Buffalo, he was beyond awful against the Titans Sunday.
The Jets got walloped, 38-13, and it was mostly Geno’s fault. He committed four turnovers, should’ve gotten sacked for a safety, and just made stupid mistake after stupid mistake (the “switching hands with the ball behind your back while getting sacked” is a move not even Penn and Teller would try).
Smith’s teammates were of little help; the offensive line caved in like a terrified witness in a Mafia trial, the defense didn’t do much pressuring of Tennessee’s QB, Jake Locker, and the special teams weren’t any good.
But mostly, this loss is on Geno. Just one you’ve got to suck up and attribute to growing pains.

Couple quick-hit NFL thoughts from Sunday:
— How ’bout those Cleveland Browns? Two straight wins since trading their best player, including an impressive job in beating Cincinnati on Sunday. Good for them.
— Stick a fork in the Giants. Another miserable offensive performance by Eli Manning and friends.
— Seattle really stole one in Houston, coming back from 20-6 down to win in OT. Seahawks might be the best team in the NFL.
— Finally, is there a more exciting team to watch than Detroit? They always score a bunch of points, and always give up a bunch. They give you more thrills, both ways, than anybody else. Love watching the Lions. And they might even be good this year!

**Sometimes the headline of a YouTube video really does tell the whole story. The headline here: “Evil Woman Steals Ball from Little Girl.”

And you have to love the yutz who high-fives her for her “accomplishment” right after she does it. Awful.


**So Lane Kiffin, a scumbag who stands out as a scumbag even among the moral morass that is big-time college football coaching, was fired by USC Saturday night, after they got beat by Arizona State.

Kiffin, if you know him at all, is known for being the most obnoxious, self-serving, pompous coach in all of the land. He burned all kinds of bridges in Oakland as coach of the Raiders, he cheated and angered everyone in the state of Tennessee while head coach at UT, and then has acted like himself again at USC, alienating the media, fans and players alike.

But even when you’re talking about Kiffin, who deserves everything bad that happens to him, how he was fired was pretty cruel.
The USC athletics director pulled him off the team bus as it was headed back from airport in L.A., and fired him. Then the AD, Pat Haden, wouldn’t let Kiffin back on the bus back to campus, telling the bus to go on without Kiffin.

That’s cold. Well-deserved, but cold.

One response to “The Jets remember that they stink, and other NFL thoughts. An evil woman at a baseball game steals a ball. And Lane Kiffin, good riddance

  1. I guess I must be a bad fan. I couldn’t watch that mess of a Bears game. I turned it off before the half was over. Just a terrible performance by the Bears. As bad as the Steelers are their game was more exciting. I also watched the no hitter on MLB. What a way to end a game. I am sure games have been won on wild pitches but not a no hitter. Amazing end to the season.

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