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Good News Friday: Bree McMahon, still inspiring. A kid who makes up for his father’s crime. And cool acrobats doing things I wish I could.


Longtime readers of Wide World of Stuff may remember a series of posts I wrote three years ago about Bree McMahon, a high school soccer player from Orlando who lost her leg in a horrific accident while her team was holding a fund-raising car wash. (In a car that was about to get washed, the driver’s foot slipped and hit the accelerator. The car shot forward and pinned McMahon against a wall. The impact broke her right femur and dislocated her left knee.)

McMahon has been on 20/20 this year, and has inspired Pittsburgh Pirates star closer Jason Grilli, who told a nationwide audience at the All-Star Game that McMahon had inspired him in his own comeback from injury in 2010.

With the help of a prosthetic leg, Bree is now, improbably, a member of the Brevard (N.C.) Community College women’s soccer team, appearing in 50 minutes of action last season, and looking to play more this season.

This fantastic story and video from ESPNw details Bree’s remarkable story, from her 20 (20!) surgeries since her injury, to her amazing upbeat outlook on life.

If you’re ever tempted to feel sorry for yourself and your situation (and let’s face it, we all do it from time to time), take a few minutes and read about Bree McMahon, who’s still fighting and still trying to live her dream.

What a great, great story.

**Next up, this made me smile in awe. Check out this acrobatic team called CheerSounds, and the crazy things they can do with their bodies.

**Finally tonight, this story about a son making up for his father’s crime. A 78-year-old Oklahoma woman named Tona Herndon was mugged while visiting her late husband’s grave, robbed by a man who was quickly arrested.

The man’s mugshot flashed on the screen, where a 15-year-old kid named Christian Lunsford recognized the criminal: It was his Dad.

Christian, showing maturity far beyond his life’s years, contacted Herndon and, well, just watch what he did.
What a great young man.