The Jets win a thriller in Hotlanta. An awesome MLB playoffs promo. And I check out the “Duck Dynasty” craze


Wow! I sure as hell did not expect that.

The New York Jets, expected by me and everyone else in the world to stink this year (except by my friend Mark M., who had hope), continue to amaze.
Well, if not amaze, maybe surprise. Monday night against the allegedly-good Atlanta Falcons, the Jets built a huge 13-point lead, let it slip away, then came back on a game-winning drive by Geno Smith and won on a last-second field goal by Nick Folk.

Whew. I’m exhausted just typing all that. Too pumped up for sleep but I have to be up in five hours (hey, those sixth-graders won’t teach themselves, you know), so just a few quick thoughts on the game:

— For the Jets, Geno Smith looked fantastic: Poised, confident, and looking nothing like the guy who was totally lost last week at Tennessee. Played brilliantly, made no mistakes, didn’t make any dangerous throws, and was stellar with his accuracy. Too early to definitely say “we’ve got a franchise QB”, but this was his best game by far.
— The defense was fabulous for most of the game, and Mo Wilkerson is a beast.
— Mike Smith, I don’t know, I just don’t think he’s a good coach at all. The Falcons made plenty of mistakes, but not kicking a FG at the end of the first half, was a pretty big mistake.
— The Jets are 3-2. I thought their third win would come sometime after Halloween, maybe Thanksgiving. Crazy. I still don’t know if this team is any good, but they’re a hell of a lot more interesting to watch than I thought they’d be.

**As you know, I’m a huge fan of the best movie of all time “Field of Dreams.”
So when I first saw this MLB Network promo for the 2013 playoffs, I just about plotzed (It’s Yiddish, kids, look it up.)

How fantastic is this? It almost makes me love baseball like I used to.

Duck Dynasty stars 660 AP

**Finally today, I like to consider myself fairly up on all things pop culture, and I try to at least sample some of what most of the rest of the country seems to be big on, before I deride it or praise it to high heaven.

And so, even though I’m a New York City Jew who’s rarely ever been out in the wilderness and never been hunting, I decided to watch an episode of “Duck Dynasty” the other day.

Yes, “Duck Dynasty,” the tale of the Robertson family, wealthy Louisiana duck hunters/duck call makers who all have long beards and talk slow and just about embody all things redneck.

I mean, this show is huge. Twelve million people watch it every week,  three (3!) books written by or affiliated with the show are on the New York Times bestseller list, and they seem to be all over the cultural map.

So, you know, I figured what the hell, let’s check it out.
And it was as awful as I expected. Redneck humor, jokes about killing and skinning animals, slow-talking slobs making cracks about their wives, yep, it was right up the alley of red-state America.

Hey, more power to the Robertsons, that they’ve been able to make money by being themselves and convincing millions that they’re entertaining.

Me? I’ll stick with “Homeland” and “Big Bang Theory,” thanks.


3 responses to “The Jets win a thriller in Hotlanta. An awesome MLB playoffs promo. And I check out the “Duck Dynasty” craze

  1. What did I tell you about our Jets? I’m sticking with my 8-8 prediction, and I’m probably UNDER-estimating them. Bad call by the Atlanta coach before halftime not to go for 3, but not as bad as some of those defensive penalties being called against us near the end of the game. I thought football was a contact sport. Oh well. Nice to see Geno growing. Again, the kid has the talent. He just needs time to mature. Bring on the Steelers!

  2. Great video. Wonder how they were able to do that. I love this time of they year. Yesterday was just a great day and night of baseball.

  3. As always, a great way to start my morning…and I didn’t have to look up ‘plotzed’ – I learned Yiddish from my roommates at the U of I (there’s only one U of I, so I assume you know which one I’m talking about) LOL LOL – keep writing, I’ll keep reading!

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