The best Halloween costume I’ve seen this year. A writer explains why we won’t work for free. And a few thoughts on the Red Sox beards


Very few Halloween costumes ever make me laugh out loud, but this one did. If you’re a fan of a particularly awesome 1980s-era sitcom about a bar in Boston, then you’ll agree that this is awesome. Here’s the original, below:

I miss “Cheers.”


**Next up, I was thrilled to see this in the New York Times (my fellow writer friend Christine G. pointed me to it). For some reason, websites and other places where writing is done think it’s totally fine to ask writers to contribute to their publication for free. And when you won’t do it, they go on to someone else.

As Tim Kreider points out in his great essay, you wouldn’t ask a plumber, or a carpenter, or an accountant, to do some work for you without pay. So why is it OK and even expected for writers to work without compensation?

I’ve been offered jobs where the pay is “exposure,” and sure, sometimes if it’s a big enough site, that’s a good carrot (When offered me a shot, of course I didn’t care about pay).

But most of the time writers are reduced to begging for a few dollars from places that can certainly afford it, and it’s completely wrong.

Good for you, Tim Kreider. Slaves of the Internet, unite, indeed!

Mike Napoli**Finally today, I haven’t written much about the World Series between Boston and St. Louis because, frankly, I haven’t been all that interested in it. It’s turning out to be a hell of a series, though, with a couple of wacky endings last Saturday in Game 3 (an obstruction call ending the game?) and Sunday in Game 4 (a pickoff play ending the game?)

Anyway, from a non-sports perspective I have to say that these Red Sox players’ beards are hideous. I mean, I’m no fashion or grooming expert, and I have never grown a beard myself (I always tell myself I will one day, but getting past those first few days of scruffiness always seems to trip me up), but these things the Sox are wearing are hideous, right?

I mean, Dustin Pedroia’s doesn’t look that terrible, but Johnny Gomes has to have rodents living in his, and Mike Napoli’s beard looks like it could be roadkill on the highway, it’s so thick and furry.

I mean, ladies, is this in any way attractive? I grant that some men can pull off the beard look; Kelsey Grammer and Anthony Hopkins and a few others look dapper.

But those Sox beards are just gross.

And yes, you could chalk this up to the prejudices of a bitter Yankees fan.

One response to “The best Halloween costume I’ve seen this year. A writer explains why we won’t work for free. And a few thoughts on the Red Sox beards

  1. 1. I’ve got lots of musician friends, who also deal with the “But you’ll get great exposure” line. Or are expected to do a midweek bar gig for tips.
    2. Speaking of exposure, big-bearded men look really silly naked. So I guess that’s a no, it’s not particularly attractive, unless you really need a good laugh more than you need nookie.

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