Chris Christie, bullying teachers as usual. Jon Stewart is brilliant again. And the cheerleader spirit in Texas is frowned upon


Writing this Monday night as yet another gunman is terrorizing a public place, this time in New Jersey. Last week it was at an airport in Los Angeles, with a TSA agent killed. When will it ever end, and when will ANYONE get serious about our gun culture? Charlie Pierce is fed up. And so am I.

Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, is going to cruise to re-election today. He is as popular as ever in the state, he’s a rising star in the Republican Party (despite calling out Republicans whenever he feels like it), and even his embrace of President Obama after Hurricane Sandy has pretty much been forgiven by GOP stalwarts desperate to take back the White House.

But in case you had forgotten, he is still a despicable bully, a my-way-or-the-highway arrogant jerk.

For the latest piece of evidence, check this out. Christie was at a Rutgers University football game last Saturday, when a public school teacher in New Jersey named Melissa Tomlinson (pictured above) walked up to the governor and asked he repeatedly portrays New Jersey’s public schools as “failure factories?”

Christie responded by hectoring the woman loudly, according to onlookers, and screamed “You people!” and “Do your job!” at the Tomlinson.

That’s our Chris Christie, berating teachers. Maybe this story hit me hard Monday because I spent the day substitute teaching fourth-graders in Harlem, and I saw just how far behind some of those kids are. But if I hear one more politician bleating on about how the teachers aren’t working hard enough or aren’t doing their jobs, I might just throw up.

Chris Christie, you do your damn job, and stop hectoring teachers.

**Ah, the right wing news media continues to entertain. Somehow, the talking heads on Fox News and other places got in their heads that since “The Daily Show” and Jon Stewart made some jokes about the awful website rollout of the Affordable Care Act, that all Democrats everywhere have turned against it, and once President Obama “lost” Jon Stewart, well, it was all over.

So Jon Stewart decided to have some fun. I laughed really hard at this. (Warning: NSFW language toward the end).

**Finally today, I thought this was a gross overreaction by a school district in Texas. The cheerleaders at Wharton High put together “spirit bags” to give to the football team members before a Homecoming game.

In addition to the usual inspirational messages and candy, the ladies decided to put condoms in each player’s bag as well, as a joke.

Well, the Wharton Independent School District didn’t think it was so funny, and they suspended the cheerleaders for one day of school and didn’t let them perform at the game.

As one of the parents said, these were kids being kids, and it was just a joke.

Although maybe I’m the wrong guy to comment on this, since I think high schools should be giving out condoms to all teenagers, since they’re having sex anyway and why not prevent some teen pregnancies while we’re at it?


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