Good News Friday: New Disney invention will blow your mind. ENDA passes Senate, finally. And a woman’s joyful dance before cancer surgery

There are times when I worry about the future. The earth is warming, the glaciers are melting, wars are breaking out all the time, lunatics with guns are taking aim at American citizens all the time.

Then I see something like this video, and I think: Man, the future’s gonna be awesome.

My friend and current fantasy football league foe Tom pointed me to this on Facebook the other day, and it’s way cool: Disney has invented a “magic microphone” that lets you whisper messages from person to person, only using your fingertips.

Here’s how it works: The Ishin-Den-Shin technology uses a regular microphone to record sound. A computer hooked up to the mic instantly encodes the sound waves into an electrostatic field that is transmitted through the speaker’s body. The person essentially downloads the sound into their body and can then upload the sound to another person through their fingertip.

Is this a little creepy? Maybe. Would this be a godsend to people like Raj from “The Big Bang Theory,” who are too shy to talk to girls? Certainly.

But also, I find this incredibly cool. Watch the quick 2-minute demo video above. My mind was blown, in a good way.

Happy Friday.

**Next up today, this video went viral on Thursday and for very good reason. A San Francisco woman named Deb Cohan was facing an awful day on Wednesday: she was scheduled to have a double mastectomy.

With that horrible operation in front of her, Deb decided to do something I’ve never seen before: She started a flash mob with her medical team, dancing and boogie-ing to Beyonce for six minutes, before surgery.

It’s hilarious and awesome and proof that just because you’re facing something horrible, doesn’t mean you can’t go into it with a positive attitude and a little sassy dancing.

You go, Deb Cohan. Face your fear and come out shaking that booty.

**Finally today, the progress in this country on gay rights has been so swift and meteoric in the past few years, that certain breakthroughs are taken for granted.

But we shouldn’t take what happened Thursday in the Senate for granted; finally, after years of talk, the U.S. Senate legally banned discrimination against gay and transgender workers by their employers.

How many employees over the years have been discriminated against because of their sexual orientation is a number far too high, I’m certain. It’s ridiculous that it’s taken this long to get this legislation passed, and equally ridiculous that the Tea lunatics in the House may now block this bill.

I always love this argument, as in this story: “The conservative Family Research Council also warned that ENDA “would transform the workplace into an environment in which certain self-identifications and conduct must be given special privileges by employers” that might require people to suppress religious or moral views.

Yes, what a nightmare the world would become, with all those special privileges gay people will now get at the office! I can just see the memos going out office-wide across America:

“Free parking, free coffee and donuts, and a 25 percent raise for anyone who sleeps with the opposite sex!”

The dinosaurs won’t die quickly, but they’re being pushed further and further away with each day. Good for the Senate Thursday.



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