Southern accents are the most attractive? Yeah, I’ll buy that. “Homeland” gets really good again. And Shannon Sharpe speaks truth


Most surveys I read sound remarkably untrue. I never believe it when I see  things like “38 percent of Americans believe President Obama was born in Kenya,” or “4 out of 5 dentists prefer Trident.” (come on, that 5th dentist hasn’t caved yet? He’s still holding out for a different gum?)”

But I saw this survey on Monday and 100 percent believe it. The dating site surveyed 2,000 men and women and asked them which American accent from the opposite sex was the most attractive.

And the Southern accent won in a landslide. I completely agree. Having spent eight years of my adult life in the South, I’m here to tell you that every word that comes out of a woman’s mouth with a Southern accent sounds good. I could have a woman from North Carolina telling me to “get the hell off my property before I call the cops” and it would sound sweet to me.

I don’t know what it is, whether it’s the inherent politeness in Southerners, or just the melodic way syllables come out, or what, but I will do just about anything someone asks, or buy anything they’re selling, if they say it with a Southern accent.

What’s most amazing about this survey? That the New York accent came in second. I call a foul on that one; the New York accent is terrible, and harsh-sounding (I think I lost mine when I was in the South, but after two years of living back here in NYC it’s coming back).

The worst accent was voted to be Mid-Atlantic, but my vote goes to (and I’m sorry to the people of this state who I’m about to offend) the Wisconsin accent. I love the people I’ve met from there, but man oh man that nasal-y speech pattern drives me up a wall. I had a female friend in college from Wisconsin and as sweet as she was, I couldn’t stand talking to her for more than five minutes.

Episode 307

**At its best, “Homeland” is bringing us inside the war on terror and giving us nuanced, dramatic looks at how the personalities and competing agendas work, and this week’s episode was fantastic in that regard.
So many great little moments; I loved the scenes with Saul and Javadi, with each man knowing the other so well, and Saul ever-so-delicately playing to Javadi’s ego in “convincing” him that becoming a spy against his own country, Iran, was something he had to do to change the world.
Loved the scene of Quinn, being interrogated by the Washington D.C. homicide detective (and it was so great to see Clark Johnson, aka Gus Haynes from “The Wire” again) about what the CIA has “ever made better.”
Of course watching Saul and Dar Adal make a fool out of Senator Lockhart, their future boss, was hilarious as well.

The best part of this week’s ep? No Brody family hijinks. I’m nervous they’re coming back soon, and very nervous about the Carrie pregnancy bringing Brody back into the show, but for this week, when “Homeland” was totally focused on the terror case, it shined like it did back in Season 1.

**Finally today, I missed this Sunday but several people sent me the video of it Monday; Shannon Sharpe, who unlike his brother is NOT one of the biggest a-holes I’ve ever met (Sterling Sharpe, as I’ve written before, could not have been a bigger schmuck when I interviewed him years ago), had a terrific, heartfelt take on the whole Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin NFL bullying issue playing out right now.

So much better than the usual NFL pregame show schtick, Sharpe spoke from the heart. Let’s hope some NFL players were listening.


One response to “Southern accents are the most attractive? Yeah, I’ll buy that. “Homeland” gets really good again. And Shannon Sharpe speaks truth

  1. Well as Curley would say about Wisconsin I resemble that remark. :)) I was born in Chicago but have lived here since 1957. I guess when you are among the Cheeseheads one probably notices the accent. I guess the same would be for any region. I do agree with you about the Southern accent though.

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