Senate may make long-overdue change in military rape cases. The Jets continue their schizophrenic pattern. And dogs doing funny stuff.


For the last several years, as I read more and more horrifying stories of what happens to female soldiers in all branches of our military, I’ve been more and more disgusted.

As we’ve seen in scandal after scandal, thousands of women have been sexually assaulted while serving our country, and rarely if ever are their attackers brought to justice (hell, sometimes they even get promoted).

The fantastic documentary movie “The Invisible War”, which I wrote about here, talked about how much the deck is stacked against women like Kori Cioca and others who have been violated.

One of the biggest obstacles is getting a fair shake judicially when a victim’s complaint is handled in the military chain of command, where sometimes the person handling the rape charge IS the person who did the assaulting. And even when the defendant is not the judge, it’s incredibly difficult for women’s complaints to be taken seriously.

In the Senate right now a cross-section of Democratic and Republican senators are taking up a proposal to remove the power to decide whether to try sexual assault cases from the military chain of command and put it in the hands of an independent military prosecutor.

This would be a vital step toward at least helping these victims get a fair shake. Why only 46 of 100 Senators are signing on to this so far is beyond me, but hey, it’s a start.

Read more about the proposal here, and check out “The Invisible War” on Netflix here.


**Well, can’t say I didn’t see that one coming.
Everything for the past two weeks that’s been said about the New York Jets ws positive. They’ve finally turned the corner, they’re 5-4, they’re in playoff contention, then they sign veteran safety and future Hall of Famer Ed Reed, they’re playing Buffalo Sunday who the Jets always beat … so of course, being a Jets fan, with all that positivity, I was frightened of Sunday’s game.

And I had reason to be. After three decades of being a fan, I’ve learned to see these things coming. Geno Smith was awful, as bad as he’s been all year, losing fumbles, throwing interceptions (including a Sanchez-ian Pick 6 in the third quarter).
The offensive line couldn’t block a mosquito. The secondary was awful, as it has been much of the year. And so the Jets became the first team in NFL history (whoo-hoo!) to alternate wins and losses for the first 10 games of the year.
Always nice to make history.

Couple more quick-hit NFL thoughts:

— Everyone who had the Eagles in first place in the NFC East a month ago, please raise your hand. What a wacky NFL season.

–So much for that Cleveland Browns resurgence, eh?

— I say it every time they wear them, but those Pittsburgh Steelers throwback uniforms (above) are the ugliest unis I’ve ever seen. I mean, did they all just break out of prison?

**And finally, for a little Monday pick-me-up, four minutes of puppies and big dogs escaping from situations they weren’t too thrilled to be in. The dog at :37 is my favorite, sign him up for the NBA!


2 responses to “Senate may make long-overdue change in military rape cases. The Jets continue their schizophrenic pattern. And dogs doing funny stuff.

  1. Time to junk the throw back jerseys. I can’t believe those Steeler uniforms were actually worn at one time.

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