The XBox that can see you naked. A hilarious Foot Locker ad. And how the post office can read awful handwriting.


So I’m not much of a video-game player anymore, but I still like to keep up on the big trends (when I substitute teach in NYC the kids are always amazed when they learn I’ve heard of Grand Theft Auto. They really think all grown-ups are idiots. Then again, I probably did too when I was their age.)

Anyway, a new version of XBox is coming out, the XBox One (shouldn’t the first version have been called One? But I digress) and it’s got this cool whizbang infrared camera thingy built into it where it can capture the player’s image and motion, even when the lights are out.

Sounds great, except for one thing: Early testers of the game discovered that game can see you naked.
Seriously, right through your clothes and into your birthday suit.
Yep, it seems to project all of you onto the screen, which, let’s face it guys, we don’t really need to see at three o’clock in the afternoon.

**Next up, a truly brilliant commercial from Foot Locker. To celebrate what the shoe company is calling their Week of Greatness, they decided to see what could happen if they could right previous wrongs in the sports world. So we get Mike Tyson returning Evander Holyfield’s ear to its original owner, Brett Favre reversing his pattern, and other wonderful changes. Really great…

**As someone with truly horrendous penmanship (not proud of it, just something I’ve learned to live with since I was little), I appreciate how difficult it is for the post office to read handwriting of those like mine.

And now thanks to the great folks at Mental Floss, I know how they do it. It’s actually quite complicated, with three different layers of service based on how difficult the handwritten address is.

I found this article pretty fascinating. And to all the mailmen out there who have to look at my chicken scratch, my apologies. I’m trying my best.


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