Daily Archives: December 2, 2013

A fabulous football weekend, and I liked the college action better. A way-cool new ad for a book. And people vs. Winter, when winter wins


I freely admit I’m not much of a college football fan.
I can’t stand the holier-than-thou coaches, the completely ridiculous way they choose a national champion, relying mostly on computers and polls (I know they’re changing to a playoff next year, but geez, how long has it taken to get to that point?) and the egregious corruption that runs rampant throughout so many big-time programs.

But this weekend was one of those rare times where college football truly shines brighter than the NFL; it’s rare that I watch one college game a week, but Saturday I had more time than usual to watch the scholastic fellows, and saw three fantastic games with great storylines in each.

I watched Duke-UNC first, and yes, I’m a huge Duke basketball fan which is the only reason I’ve followed the football team at all the last few years. But their transformation from laughingstock to legit contender has been astounding, and Saturday they beat evil UNC to go 10-2 on the season and (I can’t even believe I’m typing this) advance to the ACC title game.

Where they’ll surely get waxed by Florida State.  But still, to see a Duke football team win 10 games is something no one ever predicted.

Then, an instant classic between Michigan and Ohio State came to a thrilling conclusion. Michigan scored to cut its deficit to 42-41 with just under a minute left, then their coach, Brady Hoke, made the ballsy choice to go for 2 and the win right there, instead of kicking the PAT and going to OT.  I thought it was a little crazy but I loved it; your team is going nowhere this season, you’re at home playing your biggest rival who’s undefeated, and you’ve got a shot to win and knock them out of the national title chase? You go for two.

They failed, but it was a great idea to try.

And then, we had Alabama-Auburn. Unless you were on Mars this weekend, you know what happened. But in case you missed the end…

Just nuts. Alabama coach Nick Saban is the devil incarnate, so a gut-punch loss like that couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Saban made some crazy decisions in this game, but trying a 57-yard field goal with a freshman kicker in the Iron Bowl at the end of regulation? Just nuts.

It was a wonderful end to a fabulous afternoon of football. I watched the Jets Sunday and well, that was predictably miserable (I’m not quite pining for Mark Sanchez to come back and play, but dammit, I’m close to feeling that desperate). But no matter what occurred Sunday, Saturday was one of the best days of football I’ve ever seen.

For once, I tip my cap to the Saturday version of football.

**Next up, it’s probably freezing cold where you live, so I thought as a Monday pick-me-up it might be nice to watch a video called “The People vs. Winter.”

As cold and miserable as you may be, it could be worse: You could be these people:

**And finally, it’s really hard in this day and age to get people interested in reading a book. So when the publishers of A Reader’s Book of Days realized the book was about true tales of the authors of famous works, they decided to make this awesome little commercial for it.

Very, very cool, if a bit dizzying.