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A black athlete’s intelligent take on the “n word.” Ron Burgundy anchors a N.D. newscast. And TV shows with Internet stories in the 90s crack me up


I’m not sure if athletes today are smarter than in days past, or if there are just many more media outlets with which to express themselves.

But it seems like over the past year we’ve seen a whole bunch of well-written articles on important sports topics by men and women who’ve played the game.

I thought this was particularly fantastic; Coleman Collins (above), a former standout basketball player at Virginia Tech and now a pro player overseas, talks about how he feels about the “n word,” his fellow African-Americans’ embrace of it, and what it means to hear it in a foreign country.

Here’s a quick excerpt:

Though I dislike the word, what I dislike even more is people moralizing as if poverty, discrimination and institutional racism are the proper rewards for a few slips of the tongue. These critiques are almost always classist and sometimes explicitly so, with privileged people bemoaning a “lack of class” or a “bad upbringing.”

Really, really interesting stuff.

**Next up, you may have heard a thing or two about “Anchorman 2” coming out in theaters soon.

Will Ferrell, God love him, has been pimping this movie on every single media outlet in America, including a TV station in North Dakota last week. He did a whole half-hour newscast as Ron Burgundy, and it was pretty damn funny. Check it out above.

And here’s Burgundy interviewing Peyton Manning

**Finally today, you know I love good “Internet back in the day” stories, and this is great stuff from the wonderful website MentalFloss.com. They went back to 1990s TV shows and found 11 storylines that referenced the Internet, and how in hindsight how laughable they are.

From Jackie on “Roseanne” getting addicted to America Online, to “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” using online matchmaking to have Carlton and Hillary accidentally set each other up with each other, this stuff is great. I love the “Friends” clip above, too.

Ah, the mid-’90s, when Google wasn’t even a glint in our eye.