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A beautiful Christmas wish, from a man’s deceased wife to his future wife. Kids protest their gay teacher’s firing. And a love story out of Boston Marathon tragedy

And happy Good News Friday to you! Back here at WWOS headquarters after a few really fun days at Foxwoods Resorts and Casino in Connecticut, where the wife and I spent our time this week. Really cool place, although a bit dizzying and overwhelming. Many thoughts on Foxwoods coming in Monday’s blog.

Meanwhile, I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas had a great one, filled with eggnog, family, and no ugly Christmas sweaters like these.

OK, you’re going to have to trust me that this qualifies as a “good news” story, but it does, you just have to watch the whole video.

Two years ago David Schmitz of Des Moines, Iowa lost his wife, Brenda, after a long battle with cancer. It’s been a rough couple of years for David and his children, but slowly things have started to get better; he met someone new who filled a little of the hole in his heart, and recently David got engaged.

Then he was called into a radio station in Des Moines that every year runs a “Christmas Wish” contest, where listeners write the station with their stories and the station grants some of the wishes.

David came into the station, Star 102.5 FM, clearly having no idea what was going on, but soon learned the amazing truth: While battling her illness, Brenda wrote a letter to David, gave it to a friend, and told the friend to send it to the radio station “only after David had met someone new.”

The letter is amazing, heartbreaking, beautiful and just so … moving. Watch as the letter is read to him, David’s reaction changes so much, and what Brenda wishes for him and his fiancee is truly priceless. That she could be so selfless in her darkest hour… I would hope for all of us to have that courage.

I am pretty sure if you watch this without reaching for the tissue box, you might not be human. Just great, great stuff.


**Next up today, it’s hard to find anything good to go come out of a tragedy like the Boston Marathon bombing.

But I’ll take silver linings anywhere I can get them, and I thought this was really nice. A man named James Costello suffered serious injuries in the bombing, with burns so bad he needed skin grafts.

He met a nurse named Krista D’Agostino while recuperating, and after getting to know each other, the two fell in love.

Costello just popped the question while they were on vacation in France with other survivors on a “Boston Heroes” cruise paid for by a travel agency, and the two are now engaged.

“I now realized why I was involved in the tragedy, it was to meet my best friend, and the love of my life,” Costello wrote on Facebook.


**And finally today, I love seeing young people dedicated to fighting intolerance.

Eastside Catholic High School, in Seattle, Wash., had a Vice Principal named Mark Zmuda, who by all accounts did his job very well, and was loved by students.

He was fired, or forced to resign, last week, because he married his same-sex partner. His students had a message to the Archbishop, courtesy of Macklemore.

This is them (above) singing in a protest outside the Archdiocese of Seattle, trying their best to show these ignorant homophobes that there’s no place in their school for that kind of “leadership” like the kind that forced Zmuda out.