A dying woman throws herself a farewell party. Another amazing PSA from New Zealand. And “Episodes” is back!


There’s no real way to prepare yourself for your own death, I don’t think, and really no way to prepare those loved ones around you for it, either.

Still, sometimes you do the best you can, and I think a New York woman named Marcy Glanz went about it in a beautiful way.

Diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2011, she was told in late November that she only had a few more weeks to live.

Instead of just bemoaning her fate and waiting to die, as so many people might, Glanz decided to go out in style. She and her husband planned a month-long farewell party. Friends from around the country came to Marcy’s apartment to visit. Marcy went to Lincoln Center, she threw herself a New Year’s Eve party, too.

Yes, there was plenty of sobbing, “but there was a lot more laughing than crying,” her husband, Marion Stewart said in this great N.Y. Times article by Corey Kilgannon. “We did many of the things that people do after death, but we did it before she died.”

Ms. Glanz left her husband a written outline for her memorial service, down to the music and the speakers. An amateur painter, she narrated a slide show of her works, for her sons to put online for others.

“There was no ‘Woe is me’ or ‘I can’t stand this,’” he said. “There was just a peacefulness and wanting to wrap everything up.”

I loved that Marcy Glanz did this; why wait until you’re dead to hear from loved ones what their final thoughts for you are?

Marcy Glanz died on Jan. 5, but man oh man, did she ever live in her final days. Read the whole story here, it’s definitely worth your time.

**A while back I wrote in this space about an incredible public-service announcement the government of New Zealand put out; now they’re back with another one, equally as arresting.

This is a new ad talking about the importance of safe driving, and they use time-freeze techniques to show two men getting out and talking about the accident they were about to have.

Truly brilliant ad.

**And finally, been meaning to write about this all week, but one of the best TV shows not enough people watch is finally back on the air with new episodes.

The show is “Episodes,” and it’s been off the air for almost two years, for reasons Showtime has never quite explained to us loyal viewers. I’ve touted the show many times here before, but if you’re still not watching, a quick primer: Matt LeBlanc stars as Matt LeBlanc, the ex-“Friends” actor who’s now on a new show called “Pucks.” A hilarious British couple named Sean and Beverly are the writing and creative team behind the show, and each of them has had hilarious story arcs in their own right.

Seriously, this show is a really fast half-hour. It’s funny, it’s got heart, and the woman who plays Beverly can crack me up with just a raised eyebrow.

LeBlanc, playing an obnoxious, totally self-absorbed version of himself, is fantastic.
“Episodes.” Sundays on Showtime at 10:30 p.m. They put the whole first episode of the new season on YouTube for free, and I embedded it above.

Watch for five minutes and you’ll be hooked.


One response to “A dying woman throws herself a farewell party. Another amazing PSA from New Zealand. And “Episodes” is back!

  1. Your story is fantastic but you have photos of the WRONG Marcy Glanz. Please report accurately and PLEASE take this image down.

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