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The Super Bowl is set, and it should be a beauty: Broncos vs. Seahawks. And a great obit of a very strange life

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks

Came home from a wedding weekend (more on that in Tuesday’s blog) expecting to see two great football games in the AFC and NFC championships on Sunday.

Got one great game.  Got two most deserving winners. Got one extremely intelligent Seattle Seahawk making an ass of himself on national TV during the postgame.

Thoughts, so many thoughts…

— First off, you’d have to be pretty heartless to not feel good for Peyton Manning today. Guy had a brilliant career cut short due to a serious neck injury three years ago, and it looked like he might never play again. For Peyton Manning, not playing football is like torture. So he rehabs, he comes back against the odds, and leads the Broncos to the Super Bowl, where he’ll try to equal brother Eli’s Super Bowl trophies, by playing for it in Eli’s home stadium. Fabulous symmetry there.

— The Patriots just were running on fumes Sunday, and didn’t have enough left in the tank to give the Broncos a real tough game. But you’re crazy if you don’t think I was scared of yet another big Brady-led comeback when it got to 26-16 and New England was lining up for a 2-point conversion. Like Freddy Krueger, the Patriots are never dead until they’re dead.

— Man, that Seahawks-Niners game was brutal. Every other play someone was going out hurt, and FOX, did we really need to see San Francisco’s NaVarro Bowman get his leg crushed on 11 replays? These two teams just hated each other, and every play was filled with rage. Which is why we watch, of course.

— Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman saved the game for his team with his deflection in the end zone in the final seconds. I get that he’s excited, that he’s amped up, that he’s being asked to be on live TV just a minute after the game ended (below)

But what a classless interview he did with Erin Andrews. Dude, your team just made the Super Bowl, something you’ve dreamed about your whole life! And you choose to be all macho and play the “nobody disses me” card? Sherman writes a column for SI.com, and I’ve seen him be smart and eloquent on interviews. But this was just stupid and showed no respect for the achievement.

On the plus side, people on Twitter just about lost their damn minds over it, so that was entertaining.

— Russell Wilson’s going to have to play a lot better than he’s been playing to keep up with Peyton and the Broncos.

— Allow me to be the 423,324th person to point out that the Super Bowl will be played between teams from the only 2 states that have legalized marijuana. The Ganja Bowl, the Smoke-A-Bowl, whatever you want to call this big game, it fits.

See, America, legalizing pot can put your team in the Super Bowl?

— This should be a fantastic matchup in two weeks. Denver’s high-powered offense vs. Seattle’s terrific defense. Too bad they’ll be playing in 12-degree weather with 30 mile per hour winds. I must repeat again how stupid it is to play the Super Bowl in February in New Jersey.


**Finally, there was an old expression I heard growing up; it was more of an analogy, I think, when someone was threatened to be caught fighting for a cause that everyone else had given up on.

“You don’t want to be the last soldier standing on the roof in Vietnam,” the saying went, or something like that.

Well, there was a real-life situation like that that in the life of Hiroo Onoda, a former Japanese army officer who died last week at 91.

Onoda, while fighting in World War II, got word in August, 1945 that the Japan had surrendered, and that he should leave his post on Lubang Island, near Manila, Philippines.

But he refused to believe the war was over, and stayed on the island for 29 more years. Hard to imagine doing anything like that, but he believed his cause was just and that an officer never gives up, and when he finally came back to Japan in 1974, he was greeted as a hero.

Really a fascinating life he lived; read the whole obit here.