A few more thoughts on love, gay marriage, and the Grammys. A 7-year-old charms Ellen. And a hidden museum gem in NYC

So I was thinking some more on Monday about that incredible scene at the Grammys Sunday night, as couples of both genders and both sexual preferences were married on national television, while two of the biggest pop stars of the year sang their hit song on stage, a song about acceptance and love of everyone, regardless of who you love.

And yes, there have been so many big moments for equality over the past decade, and we as a society in America have come so far from the 1980s, when gay men who might possibly have a deadly disease were shunned as outcasts in this country.

Every moment has built on the one before, and while Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ wonderful song and message isn’t anywhere near as important as defeating DOMA and legalizing gay marriage, it still spoke to me symbolically as something millions never could’ve seen coming.

Know hope, as Andrew Sullivan always says. Just look at the faces of those couples getting married. How can anyone rationally deny that the love of two people of the same sex isn’t “worthy” of being recognized as the love between opposite sex members?

The walls of intolerance keep crumbling more every day. Sunday night at the Grammys was the latest piece of rubble to fall.

**Ellen DeGeneres, who’s hosting the Oscars in a few weeks, always seems to have awesome kids on her show.

This 7-year-old named Elias may take the cake, though. He’s a little manic and maybe a little crazy but shoot, he’s 7 and meeting his hero and is on national TV, so I think the cuteness factor overcomes all.


**Finally today, if you’re visiting New York City anytime soon, or you live here and need something off the beaten path to do on a weekend, let me highly recommend an experience the wife and I had last Saturday.

For years I’d heard that one of the best-kept cultural secrets in Manhattan is the Museum of the City of New York, located at 103rd and 5th Avenue, but I’d never checked it out.

So glad I did. This tidy little place, occupying three floors, had a ton of cool exhibits. There was one on Norman Bel Geddes, a 20th century “futurist” who revolutionized design in New York and elsewhere, and was so far ahead of his time (his idea for cars in highway traffic being safely controlled by radio signals was really quite amazing).

There’s an exhibit with the history of activism by New York City residents, where I learned how shockingly many New Yorkers were pro-slavery in the 1850s and ’60s. There’s a very-current exhibit on Hurricane Sandy and photos of its devastation, a top-notch cafe inside, and the whole thing costs $10.

Seriously, avoid the crowds (especially this week, you may have heard there’s a Super Bowl here), and check out the Museum of the City of New York.


One response to “A few more thoughts on love, gay marriage, and the Grammys. A 7-year-old charms Ellen. And a hidden museum gem in NYC

  1. Great piano player, but that kid was really annoying. Wonder what he is like at home

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