“The Americans” is back, and you should definitely watch. Another ridiculous, hateful bill in Arizona. And a speedskating/Mario Kart mashup I enjoyed


So my favorite show from 2013 is finally back on the air tonight, and if you’re not already watching “The Americans,” you really should be.

The spy thriller about two Russian spies posing an ordinary American family while living in Washington, D.C. in 1981 was sensational last year. The cast, including Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell as the spies, and Noah Emmerich as the FBI agent living across the street, is fantastic. The scripts are great, the drama intense, and of course the 1980s touches are fabulous.

The Jennings couple (Rhys and Russell) get into all kinds of danger, involving sex and violence, and yes, we know they’re the “bad guys” but you still root for them because it’s complicated and they’re fairly sympathetic at times.

Really great show that ended on a cliffhanger, but seems to pick up right where we left off last year.
One of the things “The Americans” does so well is maintain suspense and believability; of course we know in 2014 that the Soviets lost the Cold War, but every move and countermove that goes on in the show feels like it holds the weight of the future on its shoulders.

Watch “The Americans.” It’s on tonight on FX at 10 p.m. Almost guarantee that you’ll enjoy it.

**Next up, a little post-Winter Olympics blues got you down? Here’s a speedskating race made to look like a game of Mario Kart, which I have played, badly, against my nephew for years now.

Super cool.


**Finally, I almost hate to even bring up every hare-brained, hateful, idiotic bill passed in a red-state Legislature, but this one is pretty awful and has been getting a lot of national attention.

The state of Arizona has seen its elected officials pass SB 1062, which allows business owners to deny service or goods to gay and lesbian customers if the owners assert their religious beliefs.

It is so despicable, so heinous, that it’s almost beyond getting outraged about, just one of those bills you shake your head at and wonder what’s wrong with the brains of those who passed it.

Gov. Jan Brewer, she of the equally-dubious anti-immigration bill from a few years ago, hasn’t said whether she’ll sign or veto it, but signs are pointing toward a veto.
I mean, when John McCain and the ACLU are on the same side of an issue, opposing this bill, what does that tell you about its odiousness?

These laws are going to keep cropping up in Republican-dominated state governments, and some are bound to become law. This is what happens when a small minority of a party gets to hold a hammer over the head of everyone else under their umbrella.

But hey, look at the bright side: Maybe in Arizona a religious person won’t have to sit next to a gay person in a pizza shop now. What an incredible burden to their religion that would’ve been!


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