My first curling lesson leaves me wanting more. Pregnant ladies duel on “The Price is Right.” And the mascot whose head fell off


So I may have mentioned a few dozen times on here that I’m fairly obsessed with curling.
OK, maybe not obsessed. But after watching a ton of it when the Winter Olympics were in Salt Lake City in 2002, I really began to love it and watch it when I could.
I know people make fun of it, call it shuffleboard on ice, and wonder how serious a sport it could be if you could drink beer while playing it (My retort: You could say the same thing about bowling!).

But I really like it and find the strategy fascinating. So of course this year I looked on the Internet and discovered there was a curling club on Long Island, and they offered one-hour “intro to curling” classes! Yes, I was excited. For $10, we’d learn how to slide, how to sweep, and most importantly, find out how heavy those damn stones really are.

Last Saturday the wife (a trooper, God bless her, she’ll indulge my craziness for anything) and I took our lesson. I had a blast.
The deal was, the ice rink was divided into different sections, or stations. And a few of us took turns going from station to station learning a different part of the sport.
So for 10 minutes we learned the art of sliding on the ice. I learned immediately that putting on the special shoe-covering they recommended is kinda important, or you’ll fall flat on your face on the ice. But the shoe-cover thingy is also slippery.

After a few tries of sliding from a kneeling position while pushing off, track athlete-like, from starter’s blocks, we learned to slide while releasing the stone.

Not easy. Not easy at all. I tried a bunch of times and I kept releasing the stone too early, and my stone pitifully rolled to a stop way before it reached “the house.”

Then we learned to sweep. This was my favorite part. They taught us where to stand in relation to the stone, why sometimes the curling teammates yell to the sweepers to go hard or stop, and how we know if we’re doing it well (I’d explain, but you don’t have all day).

Then our lesson was over, far too quickly. Of course, when they told me about an upcoming 2 1/2 hour class where we got way more individualized instruction, and then got to play an actual curling match? I couldn’t sign up quick enough.

Yeah, I may have a problem. There may be a call to Curlers Anonymous coming in my future.

**Next up today, I love me a good “Price is Right” showdown at the Big Wheel. And apparently Monday there was a pretty rare occurrence; on Pregnant Lady Day on TPIR (yes, that’s a thing), two women named Lisa tied twice in a row on the Big Wheel, necessitating a third spin-off.

** Finally today, a completely inane video that made me laugh all five times I watched it. Hoffenheim is a German pro soccer club that won its last game Sunday pretty easily.

Its mascot, Hoffi the Moose (of course), was excited after one goal in particular, and he had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction.

Poor, poor Hoffi. He’ll have nightmares in that gigantic head of his for weeks now.


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