Daily Archives: March 7, 2014

A 3rd-grader does an awesome fundraiser for his fellow students. An incredible goal from hockey’s “next big thing.” And Ellen gives the Oscars pizza guy a big tip.

This is why I have so much hope for the future. Because of kids like Cayden Taipalus, an 8-year-old in 3rd grade at Challenger Elementary School in Michigan.

One day on the lunch line recently, Cayden saw another student have to put their lunch tray with hot food down, and take a cold sandwich instead. The reason, Cayden learned, is because the student didn’t have any money in their lunch account with the school.

“That made me sad,” Cayden said. “So I asked my Mom what we could do.”

What Cayden did is extraordinary, and beautiful. He started collecting cans and bottles for the refunds, and set up an online fundraising site to help get money for students whose lunch accounts were empty.

Cayden has raised more than $23,000 so far, which is incredible, and can pay for 295 lunches. And Cayden wants to raise more, too.

What a wonderful kid. If you want to donate to Cayden’s lunch fund, click here.

**Next up, you probably saw on the Oscar telecast Sunday that host Ellen DeGeneres did a funny bit where she ordered pizzas for the stars to eat during the show, and had a delivery man come out and pass out slices.

Well, Ellen collected tips from the actors that night, and this week she had the guy, named Edgar, on her show. Really sweet little segment; the guy seems totally overwhelmed and happy.

**Finally today, hard-core hockey fans like myself have been hearing for a few years now that a 17-year-old kid from Canada named Connor McDavid is the next Wayne Gretzky, or the next Sidney Crosby. Kid is pretty phenomenal from the highlights I’ve seen, and he won’t even be in the NHL until 2015.

Watch this goal he scored Wednesday night; it’s a thing of beauty. Can’t wait until this kid’s in the NHL…