A hockey player collapses on an NHL bench, frighteningly. Kevin Bacon explains the 1980s to youngsters. And my Blue Hens are going to the Big Dance!

In the midst of some euphoria in my apartment Monday night (see below as I rock some University of Delaware pride), news broke of a very scary incident in an NHL game in Dallas.

Rich Peverley, a member of the Dallas Stars, collapsed on the bench during the first period of their game with Columbus, and had to have defibrillators used on him.
The team called it a “cardiac event,” and Peverley does have a history of heart problems; he had surgery in September to correct an irregular heartbeat.
The video above is from the game broadcast; don’t worry, you don’t see anything gruesome or horrible.
The best news is that Peverley seems to be OK; he regained consciousness and was in stable condition, and because he’s a hockey player, actually asked the doctor if he could go back to the arena and get back in the game. (The game was postponed, correctly, since the players on both teams were shaken up.)

So scary. Just a small reminder that even with best-conditioned athletes in the world, it can all be taken away from them in a second.

**On a slightly lighter note, Kevin Bacon kind of epitomizes the 1980s for a lot of us, given that his movies dominated the decade. So it was perfect and hilarious when he shot this short video explaining to the Millennial generation what the 1980s were like.
I’m even more pumped to share it since a good friend of mine (Lauren McCullough)’s husband, Matt Silverman, directed the spot.

Enjoy, fellow Gen X’ers…


** The Blue Hens are going Dancin’!

For the last five years, my alma mater has been known primarily as a women’s basketball school.
Led by the sensational Elena Della Donne, the University of Delaware women’s team has dominated the school’s sports headlines, reaching the Sweet 16 last year, and being outstanding for the few years before that.

Men’s basketball? Eh. It’s been a long, long drought since the glory days of the Mike Brey era, some of which I was in school for.
But finally Monday night, the Blue Hens (yeah, that’s our mascot, what about it?) got some men’s hoops glory back. In a thrilling, see-saw game, the Hens beat William & Mary, 75-74. Delaware scored the last seven points of the game and held on.

Love it. We Delaware people don’t get much to brag about in sports, but Monday night was awesome. And somewhere, Joe Biden is pounding a beer in celebration.



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