Barack Obama hilariously goes “Between Two Ferns.” The most honest soccer player ever. And the toothbrush that spies on you


So there are a lot of people out there who don’t like Barack Obama. Hey, sometimes I get mad at the guy, and don’t like some of the decisions he makes.

But even if you hate him, you have to admit, he knows how to do comedy. In an attempt to get young people to sign up for health care under the Affordable Care Act, the Prez went on Zach Galifianakis’ hilarious web show, “Between Two Ferns.”

And the result is, well, pretty damn funny. I love Obama’s response to “How does it feel to be the last black President?” and his line about “Hangover 3” is pretty hilarious.

Good stuff.


**Next up, we have the most honest soccer player in the world, which is saying something. One of the most awful displays of sportsmanship in the sport is when players pretend to get fouled, act like they’ve been shot, just to get a free kick. Half the time the player isn’t even touched, yet puts on an Oscar-worthy performance.

But last week we had something I wager may have never happened before. It occurred in a German soccer match between Werder Bremen and FC Nurnberg (I’m sure you watched it live, but just in case you missed it:)
Bremen midfielder Aaron Hunt appeared to have been tripped while in the opposition’s penalty box, and a foul was called. But Hunt, knowing he hadn’t been touched, approached the referee and explained that he fell on his own.

Amazingly, he then persuaded the ref to overturn the call, which prompted the Nurnberg players to line up and shake his hand.

Truly one of the craziest, and most honest, things I’ve ever seen in sports. Check it out above.


**Finally, I’m all for technological advancement, but this story I heard about on NPR’s “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me” the other day is going a little too far.

Apparently a new toothbrush has been invented by the fine folks at Oral-B, and the innovation is that it’s the world’s first “smart” toothbrush;  it connects to the free Oral B app for an iPhone and Android, and it tracks your every brush stroke. It also collects data on how much you brush, and charts your progress

The toothbrush, coming to Germany in the spring, connects to the free Oral B app for the iPhone and Android, and will track your every brush stroke, collect data and chart your progress while giving you real-time guidance on how to get the job done faster and better.

According to this story, the new brush will be available in the rest of the world in June priced at about $270, and promises to allow users to personalize their electric toothbrush, changing brush head speed, as well as brushing patterns to focus on specific problem areas in the mouth. Dentists can also programm special brushing routines.

The Oral B app connects to the brush over low-power Bluetooth 4.0, a standard which is used by a whole series of connected gadgets, including smartwatches and fitness bands. The Bush will store up to 20 brushing sessions, should the user not have their smartphone to hand, ready to sync at a later date.

Ugh. Just what I need, somebody, or something, else nagging me to be a better teeth-brusher. Isn’t that what mothers are for?


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