Good News Friday: Strangers come together for a first kiss. Two crazy high-school hoops buzzer-beaters. And a wonderful soldier reunion in Minnesota

And a Happy Friday to you! Wanted to start off this Good News Friday with a very cool and strange video project: Courtesy of, a filmmaker named Tatia Pilieva asked 20 groups of strangers to come together, talk for a minute, then have their first kiss with each other.

It’s awkward and sweet and funny and I enjoyed it immensely, especially toward the end when a few of the couples really get into it. It’s gone viral, having been seen 44 million times since Monday.

Everyone remembers their first kiss with someone, no matter how many first kisses you’ve had.

**March Madness is upon us, and you know I am loving it like I do every year. Thursday was a fabulous day in college hoops, with Seton Hall stunning Villanova and other exciting finishes, but the last two days have brought us two amazing finishes in high school championship games.

First, check out the shot above from Amir Coffey of Hopkins High School, whose 60-footer to win the game came in the fourth overtime of the state semifinals against Shakopee. That’s just a crazy lucky but awesome shot.

But this shot from one night earlier may be even better. In a Michigan high school regional final between Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart and Fulton, the game ended on as bizarre as 3-pointer as you’ll ever see, as Sacred Heart won, 49-47.

Kid who hit the shot’s name is Dustin Neyer, and I’m guessing he’ll be telling the story of that shot for the next 50 years.

God I love this time of year in sports.

**Finally today, these surprise military reunions with families never gets old. This one had a little different twist than I’ve seen before: A woman named Jamie Jenn was at a Minnesota Wild hockey game earlier in the week when she was selected out of the crowd to answer a trivia question about a Wild player.
After she answered, the video board flashed up a message from her husband Nick, who is in the middle of his third tour of duty, this time in Kuwait.

After the video message, Jamie turned around and you can probably guess the rest. Still so much fun to watch. For more on the story, click to here.


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