The Malaysia Airlines flight disappearance: Scary as hell. The fans who dropped a star player in the air. And the history of the world in two minutes.


I haven’t commented here on the Malaysia Airlines flight that mysteriously disappeared from the sky on March 8 because quite frankly, there were already plenty of crackpot theories about what happened to that plane.

And like the rest of the world, I have no idea what happened to it, and I think it’s crazy irresponsible for certain media outlets (not mentioning any names, but it rhymes with Schmee-NN) to allow any and all insane theories to be broadcast. (This latest update I read Monday, that perhaps one of the pilots re-programmed the trip computer mid-flight, is just as plausible as anything else.)

It is incredibly scary to me that in 2014, an airplane carrying hundreds of people can just vanish, and all our technological wizardry in our current world can’t find it.

I cannot imagine the horror the families of the passengers are going through, nor can I imagine how this could have happened.

I mean, a plane disappearing out of the sky is a science fiction movie plot, not reality.

The longer this story goes without an explanation, the more mysterious it gets.

**My wonderful mother-in-law sent me this the other day, and while it maybe made me a little dizzy, it was pretty awesome.

As part of a high school project in 2012, a 17-year-old kid named Joe Bush put together a video of the history of the world. In two minutes.

Sure, he skipped some stuff. But it’s still pretty sensational and dazzling to watch.

**Finally today, from Russia’s Kontinental Hockey League, a story of a celebration gone wrong, as well as yet more proof that what goes up, must come down.

Barys Astana forward Talgat Zhailauov and his teammates returned home after a first-round playoff win (the club’s first ever postseason series victory) to be greeted by jubilant fans at the airport.

Check out what happens at the :25 mark, when Talgat gets thrown up in the air … and not exactly caught.

Poor guy suffered a concussion; he may not be able to play in the next round.


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