Are you ready for March Madness? I am. The “Seinfeld” bracket offers some tough choices. And (slightly) annoying the cat in your life


One of my favorite days of the year is here; if you’re any kind of a sports fan, you love the first two days of the NCAA Tournament.

It’s when, even if only for a few minutes, American can be beating Wisconsin, Delaware can lead Michigan State, and mighty Western Michigan can throw a tiny scare into fans of Syracuse. If we’re lucky, one of those teams will score a huge upset today, and there will be brackets ruined all over the land.

I love it so much. To get you in the mood, here are a couple of videos highlighting the best of the Madness.
First, a little flashback to 2005, when little Vermont beat mighty Syracuse, one of my favorite upsets ever: (Man, I miss Gus Johnson doing the Tournament. Nobody better for this event than him.)

And then, a pretty awesome compilation set to music of some of the best NCAA Tournament buzzer-beaters:

**Next up, has put together a pretty cool March Madness “Seinfeld” bracket, pitting 32 of the best episodes of the series against each other.
Some of these first-round matchups are really tough: I mean, pitting the “Puffy Shirt” episode against the “Bubble Boy” episode? That’s a Final Four quality matchup right there.

If you want to vote, click here to see the bracket. And here’s a clip from one of the No. 1 seeds:

**And finally today, how to get your cat to lose some of those excess pounds she’s put on lately:

This is just mean. But funny…


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