A Michigan State star bonds with a sick little girl. A sweet, different take on the “First Kiss” video. And “The Breakfast Club” detention turns 30


Even at NCAA Tournament time, we still hear so many negative stories about college athletes and college sports, but so many positive ones are out there and deserve to be told.

Here’s one that’s been told a lot: Michigan State senior star Adreian Payne met a sick little girl named Lacey Holsworth about two years ago, on one of the many trips Spartans players make to local hospitals each year. Lacey has been suffering from Neuroblastoma, a rare form of nerve cancer. She’s endured the discovery of a football-sized tumor that consumed her kidney, months with the inability to walk and cancer that’s spread to her neck and pelvic region.

But Payne has helped lift her spirits, calling her, visiting her, going to her birthday party, and having her be his guest at games.

Check out this great story from my colleague at ThriveSports.com, Sean Jensen, about their relationship, and watch this video about them as well: So great.

**You might remember last week I posted a video that had gone crazy viral called “First Kiss,” where a filmmaker asked strangers to come together and kiss for the first time, just to see what happens. It was sweet and cute and funny and awkward.

Well, this one might be even better, though a bit different. The Gay Women Channel on YouTube (yes, there’s such a thing) recruited 15 volunteers who admitted they were homophobic and asked them if they would hug 15 gay men or women, for their “first gay hug.”

The results are pretty interesting, and funny, especially after about 1:30…

**Finally today, we’ve reached a major milestone in the (cinematic) life of Generation X’ers like myself: It was 30 years ago Monday that the famous all-day Saturday detention happened at Shermer High School in Illinois. At that detention, was a brain, and an athlete, and a princess, and a basket case, and a criminal.”

They called it “The Breakfast Club.”

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