The blind college student who’s become a guru to coaches. A kid’s perfect answer to a math question. And an oldie but goodie of a first kiss


We start Good News Friday with a pretty remarkable tale from Evansville, Ind., where a blind young man named Bryce Weiler has become kind of a “coach whisperer” to some of the biggest names in college basketball.

Weiler has a 3.66 GPA, calls Evansville basketball games on the radio (despite, of course, never having seen a game), and talks regularly with guys like Brad Stevens and Rick Pitino.

Zak Keefer has written a sensational profile of Weiler in the Indianapolis Star. This is my favorite quote:

“He’s got energy out the gazoo, every single day,” said Evansville coach Marty Simmons, who invited Bryce to sit on Evansville’s bench during home games after meeting him four years ago.

“And he’s got a heart that could fill this arena. At times, you feel sorry for yourself, maybe after a tough loss. I’m in my office, thinking about what I could have done differently. Then he walks through. You’re like, wow. How can I ever think like that when he’s able to do what he’s able to do?”

Go ahead, read this story and try NOT to admire Bryce Weiler. What a fantastic kid. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him coaching basketball one day.


**Next up, it’s testing season here in New York City, with millions of kids starting to take state-mandated exams next week.

If any of them are as creative as this 9-year-old kid who answered a test-prep math problem in a unique way, I think they’re going to be very successful in life.

If you can’t read the above photo, here’s the question:

“Evan told his class that the people in his family have 14 legs altogether. Quinton said Evan must have seven people in his family. Is Quinton correct? Explain why or why not.”

The student’s answer: “Yes because 14/2 = 7 but not everyone has two legs. Go to”

Love it.

**Finally today, a sweet memory from the past. I’m not sure what sparked my remembering this 2011 video of Elliott and his little friend Bowie having a sweet moment, but I thought about it Thursday night and smiled.

One of my favorite videos I’ve ever posted. The look on his face at :53 is just so priceless.

Have a great weekend.


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