A heartwarming tale of a girls hoops team overcoming tragedy. A TV station gets creative with March Madness highlights. And the man who loved to high-five


What happens in a person’s life when his greatest triumph comes at nearly the exact same time as his greatest tragedy?

I can’t imagine the conflicting emotions, the joy and the pain, all blending together to make a temporary emotional stew that very few of us have to deal with at the same time.

I was thinking about that a lot last week, as I wrote what I think is my strongest story yet for ThriveSports.com, the new sports site I’ve been writing for, and plugging.

It’s about a New Mexico high school girls basketball coach named Greg Slover, who in the span of one week recently, lost his beloved wife to cancer, then won a state championship with Tatum High.

This was a pretty emotional story to write and report for me: I interviewed several players from the team, and Slover himself, over the phone for a long stretch of time. Would’ve loved to do such a difficult interview in person, but that wasn’t possible.

What I hope comes through in the story I wrote is the courage and love Slover displayed, for his wife and his team; the deep compassion and heart his squad of teenage girls showed the coach they loved, and what can happen in sports when kids feel like they’re playing for a cause greater than themselves.

Sappy and corny and sounding too much like a Hollywood script? Maybe. But it all really happened, which is what makes sports the best stage for human drama I’ve yet to find.

If you get a chance, go into the lives of the Tatum team for a few minutes today. Thanks.

**Next up today, I thought this was brilliant. One of the many, many rules CBS and the NCAA have when it comes to the NCAA Tournament is that non-CBS TV stations across the country aren’t allowed to show highlights of games until 24 hours after they happen.

So what’s Gainesville station WCJB, an ABC affiliate, to do when the Florida Gators are advancing and their viewers want to know what’s going on?
Easy. Just re-create the highlights of the game using people who work at the station.

Check out this short clip of what WCJB put together; I love it!

**And finally, a man named Andrew Maxwell-Parish put a GoPro camera atop a helmet on his head and recorded short video clips of himself hi-fiving strangers.
I was dubious, but this does seem like a really cool video: Amazing to see such a simple, everyday interaction filmed this way.



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