A 12-scoop baseball helmet sundae? Sure. A beautiful gesture from the Boston firefighters, honoring their own. And the 12-year-old who shattered the Girl Scout cookie sales record.


Unbelievable, that there was another mass shooting at Fort Hood military base in Texas Wednesday. That’s two at the exact same base in five years!  Four dead, many more injured. How much longer until America makes the mental health of our soldiers a bigger priority??? Thought back to the incredible David Finkel book about the subject, “Thank You For Your Service.”  Cannot be said strongly enough, which I felt after reading that book, which anyone would feel reading that book: Mental health care for our soldiers coming back from 10 years of American wars is a huge, huge, HUGE issue that is not being taken seriously enough.
OK, getting down off the soapbox now.

It’s officially baseball season, which to me, given my flagging interest in the sport over the years, means one thing more exciting than the games: Insanely bad for you, high-calorie new ballpark food!

Every year, it seems, the culinary folks at minor league and major league parks try to outdo each other, attempting to set gastronomic records and induce as many heart attacks as they can by concocting disgusting yet delicious ballpark fare (As George W. used to say, this is ‘Merica!)

This year I’ve been reading about enormous hot dogs wrapped in bacon, crazy $30 tacos stuffed with everything, and other fare. But so far I have to tip my sombrero for the best idea to the Chicago White Sox, who have come up with this beauty: It’s a 12-scoop banana split ice cream sundae, contained inside an actual full-size batting helmet.

Now before you get Dr. Oz on the phone, the White Sox it’s not “designed” to be eaten by one person. It’s for the whole family, they say! (still, three scoops per person for a family of four is still a lot of ice cream, I’d say). The mammoth dessert will sell for $17.

I think the first person who eats the entire thing by themselves should get an honorary plaque at Comiskey Park.
And an immediate ride to the nearest hospital.


**I like to try to find any sliver of good news in any tragedy, and believe it or not there was a tiny bit of it coming out of that horrific Boston fire this week that killed two firefighters.

The widow of one of the firefighters killed, Kristin Walsh, asked her husband’s brave brothers at the firehouse if Michael Kennedy’s ring was there, as it wasn’t on his hand when his body was recovered.

The Boston crew couldn’t find it in the house, so six of them went back to the scene of the fire and spent 90 agonizing minutes, digging up one scoop at a time, looking for the ring.

And miraculously, they found it and returned it to Kristin Walsh.
They can’t bring her husband back, but thanks to incredible diligence and kindness, they at least gave her a lasting piece of their marriage.


**And finally, a hearty Wide World of Stuff round of applause to young Katie Francis of Oklahoma City, Okla. who broke a pretty awesome record last week: The sixth-grader shattered the national Girls Scout Cookie sales record, selling 21,477 boxes during this year’s selling period.

Twenty-one thousand boxes of cookies. Man, Katie must be a hell of a salesgirl. Then again, is there anyone who can really say no to Thin Mints or Tagalongs?

Check out Katie on “Good Morning America.”


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