Good News Friday: I’m going to be a father! A hockey mascot makes kids’ dreams come true. And An Italian soccer player adopts a baby left on a train.

I’ve been called lots of names throughout my 38 years on Earth.

Brother. Son. Husband. Friend. Uncle. Sportswriter. Teacher. New Yorker. Fool.

But I’ve never been called the one thing I’ve longed to be called, the absolute most important name I could ever hope to be called:


Until this September, when gloriously, amazingly, miraculously, I will get to be the father of a child.

Yes, the cat’s out of the bag. I am going to be a Daddy, and the word “excited” doesn’t even come close to covering how I feel.

I want to scream it from the rooftops, I want to broadcast it all over world.
So, yeah, I’m pretty pumped.

So many wonderful things have been happening in the last few months, and I’m enjoying them all: the first appointment at the OB/GYN, where my wife’s pregnancy was confirmed. The first sonogram, and hearing the first heartbeat of my baby boy or girl (we’ve decided not to find out the baby’s gender, because hey, life is full of surprises, and this one should be a doozy!).

Seeing my beautiful wife get a little bit of a baby bump over the past week, as she enters Week 19 of the pregnancy today. (and if I ever say anything as stupid as “we’re pregnant” in print or out loud, please take me out back and lash me 40 times with a belt. Can’t stand when a man says something like “we’re 31 weeks.” Dude, YOU are not growing a human.)

So yes, it’s all happening, and I’m alternately thrilled and terrified as I learn more and more about being a father, preparing for the arrival of a newborn, and trying my best to get used to the idea that come September, I’m not going to sleep for about a year (or two).

The best news so far is that my wife has been feeling well , and that the baby, genetically, seems to be perfect through all the testing to this point.

It’s going to be an incredible ride. I have no idea what’ll happen to this blog once the kid comes; I’ve heard new parents don’t have much free time, so who knows how much energy I’ll have in keeping up this little online home that I love here on the Internet. I’m sure the blog will survive in some form, and I promise to try not to be one of those parents inundating readers with every single detail of my baby’s life.

But truly, making predictions about how my life will change are futile.

I’m just going to enjoy the journey once it begins.

**Next up today, a little happy news from the world of sports mascots. The Calgary Flames’ famous mascot, Harvey the Hound, failed to show up at a scheduled appearance at a youth hockey game in Alberta recently.

So of course, the kids were really upset. But Harvey lives to make kids happy, so he made it up to them.
Boy, did they ever. Watch this video and think about how lucky these kids are; man, to walk into a locker room of an NHL team and see that… incredible.


**And finally today, a story of an Italian soccer player, a baby abandoned on a train, and the goodness of people.

From “According to Football Italia, a baby believed to be three or four days old was found abandoned in a bag under a train seat. When Antonio Floro Flores heard of the story, he was so moved he inquired about the young child. After attempts to find the birth parents failed, the forward began the process to officially adopt the boy. Flores has three children of his own already.”

“After seeing the profile of little Francesco, we followed what our hearts told us,” Floro Flores said on Twitter. “Before being a player, I am a father. I’m certainly not a hero! We are going through the regular procedures.”

Great story.


2 responses to “Good News Friday: I’m going to be a father! A hockey mascot makes kids’ dreams come true. And An Italian soccer player adopts a baby left on a train.

  1. Ok I am technically illiterate at times but I did not see a link to video about the mascot. Congrats on becoming a father. Don’t worry about sleep. I think that is highly exaggerated. Once your kid starts sleeping at all night it is no big deal. I alternated with my wife getting up. It was fine. Until they start crawling around and getting in to things life with a baby is not that hard. The worst thing that happened with us was our first kid woke up one night and wouldn’t stop crying. Naturally as first time parents we were worried. We called up the hospital and they told us to bring him in. Naturally the moment the car started moving he fell asleep. We never went to the hospital. Just don’t tell Boomer or Francesa you are taking a couple of days off.

  2. Not going to sleep for a year or two? Ha! Try 18, at least…

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