Good News Friday: A beautiful time-lapse video of the first 14 years of life. A wonderful “Acts of Kindness” website. And a great Aaron Sorkin parody

An electric night at Madison Square Garden Thursday night. Screamed my lungs out and had a blast. Course, the Rangers pummeling the Flyers 4-1 helped…

We start off this week’s GNF with a pretty terrific time lapse video: A Dutch artist and proud father named Frans Hofmeester took a video of his daughter Lotte every week since birth until age 14, and presents her incredible growth and maturation in this four-minute video.

The expressions on Lotte’s face in the video are priceless; just watching the changes in her hair, for one thing, are pretty great.

They really do grow up so fast…

**Next up today, while working on a story about running groups across the country raising money, and flying to Boston to compete in Monday’s Boston Marathon, I learned about this fantastic woman named Elizabeth Pederson, who trains with the San Francisco Road Runners Club.

Pederson competed in the Boston Marathon last April but fortunately wasn’t hurt in the explosion, but she felt motivated to take a stand against hate. She wanted to something, anything, to try to improve the world, so she started a website called KindThis, where she invites readers to post examples of one kind thing they did that week to make the world a slightly better place.

Hundreds of submissions are already on the site, including simple ones like “I gave my best friend’s brother Lindor truffles for Valentine’s Day” and
“My mom was working late at the office and my Dad was not home from work yet. My two little brothers were hungry so i made a dinner for my whole family.”

It’s a great concept and if you just scroll through a page or two, I predict it’ll brighten your day.

**And finally today, I don’t regularly watch the Comedy Central show “Inside Amy Schumer,” but I saw this clip on Twitter and I laughed out loud. If you’re an Aaron Sorkin devotee like I am, and were so disappointed by “The Newsroom,” or even if you like it, this will make you smile. With an assist from Josh Charles, recently killed off “The Good Wife,” here’s “The Foodroom”, a short parody of any Aaron Sorkin show.

So great…


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