The surgeons who got sued for talking smack about a patient. Robbie Cano with a great skit on Fallon. And an interesting new movie on churches and MMA


Damn Rangers. Gotta make it torturous for us. Always. Always, always, always. Game 7 tonight. Those are usually fun (when other teams are involved). Gonna be a long, long wait until 7 p.m. I wish I didn’t care so much, I really do.

This story sounds completely believable except for one part. See if you agree with me about which part sounds ridiculous.

A colonoscopy patient in Virginia says he used his cellphone to record instructions given to him prior to his April 18, 2013 procedure.

The patient said he accidentally left it on and recording. The patient, “DB” says doctors mocked him relentlessly. A sampling:
Dr. Tiffany Ingham is heard saying to the unconscious patient: “And really, after five minutes of talking to you in pre-op I wanted to punch you in the face and man you up a little bit.”
Ingham, who sounds like a swell lady, also allegedly called him a “big wimp” and a “retard,” joked about firing a gun up his rectum, made fun of his alma mater (Mary Washington College), and threatened to falsely note on his chart that he had hemorrhoids.
The medical team joked about a rash on the patient’s penis, speculating it might be syphilis. Then Ingham allegedly said, “It’s probably tuberculosis in the penis, so you’ll be all right.”

So the patient is suing the doctors for $1.35 million. And the patient should absolutely win, because I completely believe the doctors, thinking the patient was out cold, would make awful jokes about him.

But the part that makes no sense? Who has their cell phone with them during surgery? I mean, where would you put it? Don’t you think they would take that away before you were knocked out?

This story says the phone was left in the room, but man, it seems a little odd to me.

**When multiple people send me a Jimmy Fallon bit, I know it’s good. And this one is pretty classic.

Robinson Cano left the Yankees in the offseason for a garbage truck full of money from the Seattle Mariners, in what was clearly a case of Cano choosing money over winning (hey, it’s his right).

He was back in New York Monday to play the Yanks, and the Jimmy Fallon staff thought it would be funny to put a huge cardboard cutout of Cano in Manhattan, then encourage Yankee fans to boo Cano.
Except Cano was standing inside the cutout the whole time. I love the last guy’s reaction. It’s funny how “brave” people can be in booing, until they meet the guy face to face, and suddenly it’s “I love you, man!”

**Finally today, I heard about this on NPR’s Only A Game show, which I never miss, and thought it was fascinating.

Around the country, youth pastors in churches are using their church gyms to train mixed martial arts fighters. There are 700 or so of these “training centers” all over the U.S., and it’s been wholeheartedly endorsed by many in these communities. A new documentary called “Fight Church,” takes a look at the phenomenon.

Really interesting to see the juxtaposition of “a couple of God-fearing men punching each other in the face.”

“Tonight we gonna fight. Tomorrow we talk about Jesus in church,” one fighter says in the trailer (above).

I would love to see this movie, looks really good. No word on when it’s due to come out.


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