The Rangers win a wild Game 7. Why Donald Sterling’s racism overshadows the real problem. And grilled cheese delivered by parachutes in Australia


So, yeah, I’m still breathing. All faculties working, am able to respond to commands and walk on my own. All good things.
For about a half hour Wednesday night, most of that was in question. Because once again, my New York Rangers not only won, but won in heart-stopping fashion, making me and the millions of other Blueshirts diehards sweat it out until the final buzzer.
But they won, and I am happy. What a hockey series. What a Game 7. Play was even in the first, Rangers dominated the second, then hung on for dear life in the 3rd.
Steve Mason, Flyers goalie, was phenomenal Wednesday. Absolutely phenomenal. Rangers could’ve, and should’ve, had five or six goals in that second period if not for Mason. Daniel Carcillo, a lifetime goon whose acquisition by the Rangers I hated, scored another huge goal.
Then in the third, King Henrik was outstanding. Made a bunch of key stops, while I paced the living room and threw stuff and yelled at the TV. (Don’t worry, the wife is used to this by now. She just goes in the other room and closes the door. Key to a happy marriage? Respecting each other’s craziness.)

Great series. Great sport. And a terrific and classy handshake line at the end, which is the best thing hockey does.

Whew. God I love hockey. And then the Nets came back from 26 down… and lost to Toronto in a huge Game 5. Hey, I can’t have everything.



**So it’s been a couple of days since the whole Donald Sterling/L.A. Clippers owner banned for life story broke, and we’ve had the predictable responses: The incredibly overblown media coverage. The NBA players falling all over themselves congratulating new commissioner Adam Silver for “saving the league” and rescuing them from one schmuck who, oh by the way, has been the exact same schmuck for 30 years, doing and saying the exact same things, and no one cared.

But a few writers, like my boy Pearlman in this great blog post, point out that for all the screaming and shouting about racism the last few days, a much, MUCH more dangerous form of it goes on every day in this country.

Here’s an excerpt from Jeff’s excellent post:

He’s a basketball owner who lives a wealthy life in California. The words are infuriating, but does his take of African-Americans have any bearing on my world? Or, really, the world? No.

But let’s talk about the south, and what’s happening to the voting rights of minorities.

Without much fanfare, and with 1 /1,000,000,000,000,000th of the attention directed toward Sterling, one Republican lawmaker after another has worked hard (and often succeeded) to limit the number of minorities able to vote. There’s nothing hypothetical about this take, or slanted toward the left. State by state, there have been repeated efforts to make it more arduous for African-American and Hispanics to successfully cast their ballots—via the requirements of photo IDs, via limiting the days and times polls are often, via myriad methods to make it more difficult for people to register. You can read about it in a ton of places, including a pretty thorough piece right here.

He’s absolutely right. Donald Sterling’s racism hardly matters, but it’s been so blatant and in your face, thanks to that audiotape from his girlfriend, that everyone gets up in arms.
But the cruelty and viciousness of the policies designed to stop poor people, and minorities, has been going on in plain sight for years now, and nobody seems to care.

**And finally today, god bless the Australian people for this. A pop-up restaurant in Melbourne can now deliver a grilled cheese sandwich to you by parachute.

Or, as the company, calls it, a “gravity controlled melted cheese delivery mechanism.”

Watch this video, and tell me you don’t want one, right now.


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