Good News Friday: An incredible World War II hero you’ve probably never heard of. Talking to strangers is good for your health! And a cool video of a kid earning a baseball scholarship

And a happy Friday! It’s May and it’s finally spring in New York (we had winter on Wednesday and spring Thursday, so I’m expecting autumn today).

Let’s get this Good News Friday started with an amazing story from “60 Minutes” this week. A British man named Nicholas Winton is now 104  years old, and in 1938 peformed a remarkable act of heroism, saving 669 children, almost all Jewish, from Yugoslavia before the Nazis invaded.

Winton’s story was kept hidden for half a century, before a British TV show got wind of it in 1988, and reunited Winton with those he saved (watch the video above).

The “60 Minutes” piece is extraordinary; the power of one man to do great things should never be underestimated.

**Next up, a story that confirms something I already do: It’s good to talk to strangers!
I’m one of those people who will chat up anyone, anywhere, anytime: a cashier in the supermarket, a stranger on the subway, a random dude on line in the men’s room at a sporting event (hey, we’re both standing there with nothing to do, why not?)

Some people, it annoys. Most people are friendly enough to engage me. Anyway, read a story in the New York Times this week about a study done by some smart researchers in Chicago who analyzed the feelings and emotions of people who were talked to politely by strangers on a subway, and those who weren’t.
And the ones who engaged with strangers admitted they were feeling better than those who weren’t!
Read about it here; just proves I can keep doing what I’m doing without fear of annoyance.

**Finally, I love stories like this: Houston football coach Tony Levine asked his walk-on kicker, Kyle Bullard, to his office recently.

With four hidden cameras set up in the office, Levine brought up the team’s scholarship situation and made it seem like Bullard was not going to be a candidate for a scholarship before hitting him with the good news.

His reaction was priceless. Mom’s too (at the 2:10 mark).



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