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My Nets squeak out a Game 7 win. The worst political ad, maybe ever. And Obama kills it as usual at WHCA


You would think, with a $190 million payroll, a ton of veteran experience and a coach who played forever, that the Brooklyn Nets wouldn’t need to make a great defensive play at the end of Game 7 on the road to win a first-round playoff series.

But that’s what it took. And you know what? How hard it was doesn’t matter. The pro basketball team I’ve rooted for since I was 14 is moving on to play the Miami Heat, who will promptly smack the Nets into the offseason in, oh, five games.

But hey, let me enjoy Sunday, since the Rangers gave me no enjoyment Sunday night at all (Not that I was surprised. This team is incapable of winning two in a row in the playoffs.).
The Nets were brilliant at times Sunday against a pretty damn good Toronto team and an insane Raptors crowd (seriously, those northerners were loud.) Joe Johnson was fantastic. Alan Anderson was great, too, and Marcus Thornton (Marcus Thornton!) was huge in the second quarter.

But the Raptors kept fighting back, and I got nervous like I do when that happens in an elimination game. Kyle Lowry was magnificent, Demar DeRozan was good, and even Grievis Vasquez, who I’ve hated since he was a Terp, was playing well. And the Nets crumbled, and the lead was down to 1, and the Raptors had a shot to win…

And then Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, who have played about 4,000 playoff games between them, combined to make one final stop and preserve the win.
Great game. Great win. Great 1st round of the NBA playoffs (I saw most of Game 7 of the Warriors-Clippers Saturday night too, and that was fantastic as well. Steph Curry… man!)

It’s a wonderful time of the sports year, isn’t it?

**Next up, this is without a doubt the stupidest political advocacy ad I’ve ever seen, and it’s the worst by a mile (hat tip to my old friend Frank G. for pointing me toward it). In Harrisburg, PA this TV ad (paid for by the union that represents liquor stores) has been running as the state considers allowing beer and wine and other alcoholic beverages to be sold in gas stations and supermarkets.

Now, this is not a big deal at all in most states, but in Pennsylvania it’s still illegal, and well, these “fake moms” on the playground are not going to stand for any legality.
Truly, the arguments made here are the most inane you will ever hear, and the statement at the 20-second mark about deaths in N.C. is just completely irresponsible and wrong.

**Finally today, my usual cut-and-paste diatribe about the White House Correspondents Dinner, held again this past weekend: It’s ludicrous, stupid and unprofessional to the extreme for professional journalists who cover Congress to drink, party and have a gay old time among them at this event every year; there’s no way you can cover such important people and topics objectively when you spend five hours every year schmoozing and kissing up to them like this.

That said, as always our President was pretty damn funny in his speech; I liked the Joe Biden “shoe” joke the best: