An 81-year-old refutes the idea that old people get nicer. Tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos? Sure. And Kevin Durant, all class and all emotion


Sometimes it takes just one angry man with a lot of time on his hands to stop a trend or disprove an entrenched belief.

Samuel Frazer of Fort Myers, Fla., congratulations my good man. A couple of weeks ago the Wall Street Journal ran a story about how people mellow with old age, and become nicer.
Well, 81-year-old Sam Frazer didn’t like that story too much, and he responded with maybe the best letter to the editor I’ve ever seen.

An excerpt:

 I am almost 81 years old, and I strongly resent anybody, especially someone who doesn’t know me, telling me that I am getting nicer.

I started out being a happy, pleasant, easy-going individual many decades ago. Gradually, I turned into a grizzled, stooped, balding, arthritic and grumpy individual. I now live alone, and that is great. I’ve had six different cleaning women in the past eight months—either their English wasn’t perfect or they were using too much Clorox, or both. The FedEx and UPS men have to go to my neighbor’s house to get a signature for a delivery because they won’t approach my door.

It goes on a little while after that, and ends with “Don’t tell ME I’m getting nicer!”

I have never met Mr. Frazer, but he might be my new hero. Also, I’d like to go walking on his lawn right about now, just so he could yell at me.

**Next up, please watch this video, if you haven’t seen it already, of an emotional Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant accepting his NBA Most Valuable Player Award Tuesday.

I have been a fan of this kid since I first saw him as a freshman at Texas, and how he comports himself on and off the court, in public and everywhere, is exactly how you should want young athletes to be.
He came from nothing, but built himself into a superstar, and appreciates every single thing he has. He singled out every one of his teammates for gratitude in this speech (the highlights are above, the whole thing is here), and the part where he starts talking about his mother, at the 4:58 mark, is just beautiful.

He had me close to tears, and just check out their reactions: Just beautiful. Kevin Durant is an athlete you should root for.

**And now, because why the hell not and how cute is this?, I give you tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos. My absolute favorite part of this video is that it’s titled “Episode 1,” which means we may have lots more of these videos to enjoy in the near future.
You go, Internet!


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