Everyday sexism in print, hilariously spoofed. Vin Scully narrates a little girl’s adorable dancing. And football players kissing their loved ones? Scandalous!


Sexism, like racism, in our society is a whole lot less flagrant than it used to be. But it’s still pretty clearly out there. You could look at the fact that women make up only 19 percent of Congress, and that females earn only 77 cents on the dollar compared to those of us with penises.

Or you could look, as someone on Upworthy.com did, at some of the ridiculous captions, headlines, and descriptions of women that appear regularly in magazines and newspapers, and what they would look like if non-sexist language were used. The one above is just one example, but other favorites are here.

I really liked this one, too: Original headline: “Makeup-free Amy Adams is anything but glamorous as she goes wild in the aisles of L.A. supermarket,” without sexism, would be: “Woman buys groceries, remains 5-time Academy Award nominee.”


**Next up, something short and sweet and guaranteed to make you smile: Hall of Fame announcer Vin Scully “narrating” an adorable little girl’s dancing during a recent Dodgers game: Click here for the short 30-second video; Vin is so sweet and gentle and just… I want him to adopt me.

Super Bowl XLIV


**Finally today, there was some predictable kerfuffle over the weekend about NFL draftee Michael Sam, the first openly gay player selected, ever, kissing his boyfriend after being chosen.
EEWWWW! That’s disgusting! Who wants to see that???”

And so OutSports.com decided to show a few scenes that ought to be equally revolting to these folks: Current NFL players kissing their loved ones, too!



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