Four days in Dallas and I’m loving this city, big-time. Tennis players having a great dance-off in Paris. And a way-cool hypnotic juggling video


Dallas is a city I’d never previously been to in my almost four decades of life.
Now that I’m here, I can’t wait to come back again.

As I type this, I’m sitting in the spectacular Omni Dallas Hotel, on the 22nd floor, looking out at the unique and beautiful city skyline.
Came here Thursday for a family wedding that was Sunday night, and I have been blown away by how much I have enjoyed this city, located in a state that generally loathe from afar thanks to its politics (I do love me some “Friday Night Lights,” though sadly I have seen neither Smash Williams nor Matt Saracen walking around).

I almost always like cities I visit for the first time, but Dallas has far exceeded my expectations.
Some random thoughts and observations from a New Yorker:

— Of course the first thing I wanted to do when I got here was visit the Sixth Floor Museum, aka, the Texas Book Depository (pictured above), where Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone I will always believe, assassinated John F. Kennedy. We took the one-hour JFK Trolley Tour first, which was terrific, taking you through all the big locations of Nov. 22, 1963, including the hospital JFK was taken to, where Oswald shot a Dallas police officer named J.D. Tippit who was trying to question him, and then we went into the Museum itself.

It’s really, really well done, and I marveled that a President could actually ride through the streets in an open-air convertible, which is unthinkable today. There’s also an eerie quote posted, from JFK to Texas Governor John Connally on the morning of Nov. 22, saying “You know, it’d be really easy to kill the President if you wanted to.”

Really thorough and well-done museum.

— The food. Yeah, Texas is famous for its barbecue and ribs and I’ve gained at least five pounds eating here. Had a great waffle shaped in the size of the the state of Texas, very much enjoyed the baby back ribs, and overall realized that this is a really bad state for people on a diet.

— I’m not one to normally notice architecture and the design of buildings, but I’ve been struck by how different the skyscrapers are here. The designs

— Apparently there’s a state law that all women have to be blonde here; I’d say 85-90 percent of the females I’ve seen here are blonde. And in quite a few cases, I feel quite certain that their hair color, like other parts of their body, ain’t exactly natural.

— My father-in-law and I took a trip to Cowboys Stadium (sorry, AT&T Stadium) on Saturday, to take a self-guided tour and see what all the hubbub was about.
Stadium was breathtaking. Enormous, beautiful, and the prettiest and most garishly large scoreboard screen you’ve ever seen. For $17 admission, we walked on the field, went into the locker room of the players and the Cowboys Cheerleaders (sadly, no cheerleaders were present, though a replica of their tiny uniform was on display), and hung out in a suite. Hate the Cowboys, but the stadium was pretty cool.
Funny line was when we jokingly asked a Cowboys tour guide if Giants fans are allowed in. He quipped “Why not, Giants practically own this place.”

**Next up, the French Open started this weekend, and as always I’m hoping Roger Federer wins it (not likely) or that Novak Djokovic can knock off Rafa Nadal (possible).
For now, though, French star Gael Monfils and a fellow pro named Laurent Lokoli decided to have some fun with a “dance-off” during a rain delay at the Kids Day event before the matches started.
Both are definitely in the wrong profession…

**Finally today, this was pretty mesmerizing. Not your typical juggling show, this is Yusaku Mochizuki doing a routine called “torque starter.”



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