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Rangers lose Game 1, but I have an awesome viewing experience. Maureen Dowd tries pot, and it goes hilariously wrong. And an interesting video about reactions to gay kissing in Dixie


Well I had a pretty incredible and unique, for me, experience Wednesday night.

To celebrate Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, the New York Rangers held a live viewing party on the beautiful lawn at Bryant Park, at 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue.

Only about 8,000 people showed up (I’m up there in that awesome photo above, somewhere on the right and pretty close to the TV. I got there 3 hours before game time to make sure I got a good seat.). There was music, free towels and posters, a bunch of old Rangers players made appearances, and it tr1uly almost felt like a game at MSG, even including the “Goal” song being played after each Rangers score, a P.A. announcer announcing the goals and assists, and the giant TV screen imploring us to chant “Let’s Go Rangers” during commercials.

It was wonderful and loud and festive and I’m so glad I went… until Dan Girardi gave the puck away in OT, and Justin Williams scored and L.A. took Game 1, 3-2.

A frustrating and thrilling game. Rangers really played terrific in 1st period, and played L.A. fairly even in second. Then my boys just did not show up in 3rd, getting outshot an unfathomable 20-3 in that period. TWENTY to three! Lundqvist was stellar just to get the Rangers to overtime.

Part of me thinks positively, that as bad as Rangers played in 3rd, still could’ve won. Part of me thinks negatively, that L.A. will only get better from here.

All of me thinks Wednesday in Bryant Park was an incredible place to watch a hockey game. I hope they do it again soon.

**Next up, ABC News decided to do a little “hidden camera” experiment, sending two gay men into a restaurant in Mississippi, telling them to kiss and hug and be all PDA, and see what the reaction would be.

Some of the reactions were predictable considering it was Mississippi. Quite a few others, happily, were not so easily foretold.

**And finally, this cracked me up. The New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd has always seemed to me to be a woman not only with a stick firmly pressed up her gluteus, but the ultimate example of a columnist who is WAY too cozy with sources.

She’s also way too “Inside the Beltway” for my tastes, seems to write as if she’s above and smarter than her audience, and just all-around strikes me as an obnoxious writer.

So, of course, I couldn’t stop laughing when I read about her column experiment this week. She wanted to go to Colorado to write about the legalized marijuana issue, and decided that to really get inside the story, she’d eat some edible pot and see what getting high would be like, presumably her first go-around at getting stoned.

The results are, predictably hilarious. Read about it here, and her original column is here.

Oh Maureen. Stick to writing about the Clinton sex scandals and how Barack Obama’s not man enough to be president. Leave those “hard drugs” stories to others, eh?