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A hilarious letter from summer camp. Wal-Mart workers speak out, beautifully. And it’s never good when you wear a gorilla costume at a zoo


Writing this blog while listening to “Taps” for the New York Rangers season. Man, that was depressing to watch. Kings just blanketed Rangers, and when they didn’t, freaking Jonathan Quick was in net to make spectacular saves. Series is just about over; I’m just glad I didn’t pay $1,500 to go to MSG last night to watch that…

One of the funniest books I’ve ever read was “P.S, I Hate It Here,” a hilarious collection of real letters kids sent home from sleepaway summer camp.

With summer camp season back upon us, the folks at Gawker.com pointed me to this letter from the son of blogger Liels Testwuide.

It’s rife with misspellings and hilarity and a little tiny bit of gross-out humor. I have no idea if it’s real or not (some on the Web have said it’s not), but it’s fantastic either way. We all know why it’s important to pack extra underwear, as this child has now learned!

I pasted the first part above, check out this link for the rest.

**Next up today, my feelings for the Wal-Mart corporation are not a secret; I’ve expressed how I feel they are about as evil a company, in so many ways, plenty of times here on the blog.

Wal-Mart workers are often afraid to speak out, naturally, for fear of losing their jobs. But this video I saw on Upworthy.com was a brave statement of what it’s like to work there.

Well done.


**And finally, you know, it can’t be easy working at a zoo. You’ve got to take care of all the animals, deal with annoying tourists, and pretty much do whatever your bosses say, like conduct “escaped animal drills.”

For example, last week a veterinarian at a zoo in Spain thought he was doing a good thing, by knocking out a gorilla that had escaped with a tranquilizer dart.

Only problem was, it wasn’t a gorilla he shot. It was a zoo employee dressed as a gorilla during (wait for it) an escaped animal drill, a drill the vet was unaware of (wouldn’t you think they’d have like, 14 different warnings and emails and zoo alert messages before one of these, by the way?)

The vet told the newspaper La Opinion  that the dart had enough tranquilizer to knock out a 400-pound gorilla. The poor employee then had an allergic reaction to the shot and is in the hospital.

Let that be a lesson to all you kids out there (and I’ll be sure to tell my soon-to-be child the same): Don’t work at a zoo. And if you do, don’t ever put on a costume that looks like one of the animals.

You’re looking for trouble, I tell ya.