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Samuel L. Jackson, nailing the “Pulp Fiction” speech 20 years later. John Oliver demolishes the Redskins. And U-S-A, U-S-A! A soccer upset that thrilled

Nineteen-ninety-four was a hell of a year for pop culture.
We had “Forrest Gump.” We had the O.J. Bronco chase. And we had one of the greatest movies of all time entering our world, “Pulp Fiction.”

Samuel L. Jackson basically went from famous to world-famous by playing Jules in this movie, and it’s great to see that 20 years and dozens of films later, he still remembers what got him here.

Specifically, he remembers the great “Ezekiel, 25.17” speech he got to deliver twice in the movie.
Check out this clip from “The Graham Norton Show” as he recites it all over again.

So great.

**Every week, “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” has been hitting out of the park with at least one hilarious segment. This week’s show had two (the one on immigration is sadly not online yet), but this one on the silliness of the Washington Redskins continuing to keep their name when it’s offensive to Native Americans was pretty classic too.
Man, I hope this show is getting a big audience, because it’s the best thing HBO’s put on since “Big Love.”

**And finally today, I watched my first full soccer game in years Monday, like I’m sure millions of Americans non-soccer fans did.

And it was awesome. A big underdog to Ghana, the U.S. stunned everyone by scoring 29 seconds into the match, as Clint Dempsey made a beautiful move to get free.

Then, Ghana pretty much dominated the next 75 minutes or so, with the U.S. kinda looking like Rocky  Balboa in the first “Rocky” movie, hanging on, hanging on, and hoping for the bell to sound ending the fight.

But with about 10 minutes left, Ghana, after coming close numerous times, finally tied it. So that looked like it would be it, America grabs a tie despite being outplayed and seeing star forward Jozy Altidore go out with injury early in the game.

Then, something totally unexpected happened: The U.S. got a corner kick in the 86th minute and a no-name sub named John Brooks smacked a perfect header into the net for the game-winning goal.


Wow. All of a sudden, the USA is alive in this World Cup, with a decent shot at making it to the next round.

Two fabulous reaction videos to share: First, a great roundup of U.S. soccer fans reacting to Brooks’ goal at bars around America, and second, this hilarious video of a Portland TV anchor being live on-air when the goal is scored, and his reaction is priceless (fast forward to about 1:45 for the good stuff.)