June 17, 1994 was a hell of a day. New York’s mayor pays off a Stanley Cup bet. And a funny “commercial actor” dating ad


Just got done watching “Searching for Sugar Man.” What a fantastic, fantastic movie. Been wanting to see it for months, finally got around to it Tuesday night. I definitely see a blog post about it in my near future, on the bizarre nature of fame, what it means to be appreciated half a world away, and how that story of Rodriguez could’ve possibly happened. The movie is playing on the Starz cable channel all month, FYI. See it now.

So yeah, it’s been a lot like 1994 on the blog the last few days, what with the New York Rangers playing in the Stanley Cup Finals again after a 20-year absence, celebrating “Pulp Fiction”‘s 2oth birthday, and all that.
But without sparking up The Spin Doctors and breaking out my Sony DiscMan, I wanted to dip back into that crazy year one more time today, because Tuesday was June 17, and in 1994 that was the most insane day of the year, maybe of the last 30 years.

As chronicled in the excellent documentary “June 17,1994“, part of ESPN’s 30 for 30 series (you can watch the full one-hour movie at that link), it was the day the Rangers had a Stanley Cup parade in Manhattan, Arnold Palmer played his last round at a U.S. Open, the Knicks and Rockets played Game 5 of the NBA Finals… and O.J. Simpson rode for hours in a white Ford Bronco, with a gun to his head and A.C. Cowlings driving, with the LAPD in pursuit.

It was a hell of a day. I wrote extensively about what that day meant to people of my generation, and really, anyone who was alive, on this post a year ago, so I won’t re-hash all my thoughts.
But a few weeks ago at a high school I was subbing. at O.J. Simpson’s name came up and I tried to explain to this 15-year-old what “the O.J. chase” was like while we watched it on TV.
I tried to use a few analogies to his world (the killing of Bin Laden? our invasion of Iraq?) but nothing seemed to really click with him. It just was one of those moments you had to have lived through, I guess.

Anyway, here’s a fantastic clip that I referenced in last year’s post, of LAPD Detective Tom Lange talking to O.J. during the chase, trying to convince Simpson to throw the gun away and that he had a lot to live for. Unbelievably riveting stuff.

**As always happens during major sporting events, the mayors of Los Angeles and New York made a bet on the Stanley Cup Finals between the Kings and the Rangers.
Of course you know by now who won, and one of the terms of the wager was that the losing city’s mayor had to go on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and sing a tribute song to the other town.

So here’s a pretty funny video of Bill de Blasio belting out “I Love L.A.” with some adorable New York kids:

**Finally, this strikes me as pretty clever: How do actors who act in dating website commercials find the right someone? It’s pretty difficult. Now, finally, these thespians have a way to find love themselves…

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