Good News Friday: The joy of the Colombia soccer team, dancing at the World Cup. Parenting rules to live by (ha!). And Bob Costas narrates a great story on “Field of Dreams” at 25


I have to admit that I’m enjoying this World Cup quite a bit more than I expected to.
I’m loving the drama of a tie game, in the 80th minute, when one team gets a great chance and the crowd rises up and the shot goes just wide and everyone collapses in disappointment, because they know that could’ve been it.

I’m loving the athleticism of the goalkeepers, who sit idle for 15 minutes at a time, then have to have the laser-like focus to make a great save at a moment’s notice.

I’m finding the flopping hilarious, as usual; Luis Suarez of Uraguay, you take your place in the flopping pantheon beside Dominik Hasek of the NHL and Vlade Divac of the NBA, my friend. Suarez went down so often Thursday it was as if he was a wind-up toy.

But most of all, I am LOVING the Colombian soccer team’s goal celebrations. They score, they dance, and they just do it all with so much joy. Check out their Shakira-inspired celebrations from Thursday below;  I mean, isn’t this what sports are all about, this kind of sheer joy? I love it.

**Next, it’s no secret to anyone who reads me that I’m becoming a father soon (1o more weeks!). So of course people have been sending articles from the Web all the time, about parenting do’s and don’ts, what you have to do, what you better not do, etc.
But this article from Bunmi Laditan in The Huffington Post had me nearly crying in laughter. Titled “How to Prepare for Parenthood in 11 Easy Steps, it is side-splittingly funny. I especially enjoyed No. 5, No. 7 and No. 11.

There really is no way to prepare, right people?

**And finally, it’s the 25th anniversary of “Field of Dreams,” release, so The “Today” Show sent Bob Costas to Dyersville, Iowa for an interview with Kevin Costner and other co-stars, and as you might expect, it’s beautifully done.

You can tell how much making this film affected the lives of those in it, and that’s about the highest praise a movie can get.

If you’re curious, I wrote about the trek my father and I made to the famous Field of Dreams site a few years ago on my blog here. Greatest trip I ever took.


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