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How a password can change your life. A fascinating, quick video about what autism feels like. And “Seinfeld” night at a minor league park is a hit

Still buzzing a bit after that incredible Wimbledon final. If you’re a tennis fan like me, or just a fan of fantastic writing, two pieces on the Federer-Djokovic match I wanted to pass on: Joe Posnanski of NBCSports.com on his emotions of rooting for Federer all along, only pulling for Djokovic at the end, and the great Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal on Federer’s brilliance, not quite dimmed yet.

How much do we all hate changing our passwords on our computers? A whole hell of a lot. I have recently had to change my iTunes password a few times and it drove me nuts, because of all the “rules” big companies put in about how we change them.

Mauricio Estrella is just like the rest of us, angrily trying to come up with a combination of capital letters, numbers and punctuation characters every month or so.

But in this great essay for The “Today” show website (and thanks to my friend Mollie T. for posting this on Facebook), Estrella talks about how a painful divorce combined with password changing made a huge difference in his life, and how he’s used passwords to better himself.

Definitely worth your time to read.

**I have a few friends whose children have autism, and it’s often difficult for them to explain exactly what it’s like for their kids to grow up seeing the world slightly differently than the rest of us.

The National Autism Society put together this really interesting one-minute video about what the world sounds and looks like to autistic children, and it’s pretty powerful. Check it out…


**Finally, you may remember last month I wrote about the awesome idea the Brooklyn Cyclones minor-league baseball team came up with, to hold a “Seinfeld” night in honor of the show’s 25th anniversary.
Well, it was held in New York last Saturday, and the photos and videos are awesome (that’s the whole team wearing “Puffy shirts” like the one Jerry wore in a memorable episode). The stadium was renamed Vandelay Industries Park, the real-life Kramer and Soup Nazi were there, and lots of other fun stuff went on.

Check out the videos and photos here. No soup for you!