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A White Sox giveaway goes hilariously wrong. John Oliver on President Harding’s sex letters. And the worst Comcast rep of all time!

Let me see if I’ve got this straight: The Republican Party has spent the better part of five years ranting and raving about President Obama’s health care law. They have tried to repeal it in the House of Representatives dozens of times, and have run two separate national elections against it. It gets implemented, and at their demands, Obama delays part of the law’s implementation that affects small businesses. And NOW the GOP Congress is suing Obama for delaying part of a law they loathe? 
Sure. Makes perfect sense.

You know, the Chicago White Sox had the best of intentions with a promotion last week. They gave out thousands of free ponchos to their fans, and what do you know, it started raining.
The ponchos were white. And they had hoods. And when 30,000 people wore them, it sorta looked like this…


Yikes! Has the Ku Klux Klan suddenly decided to have meetings at baseball games? Because that’s what a whole lot of people thought it looked like. Here’s another photo:


Aww man, I’d hate to be the marketing guy whose idea this was. I hope he still has a job.
Too funny. (Then again, I’m guessing the KKK would like baseball. The ball and all the bases are pure white.)

You may have heard about the kerfuffle involving former President Warren G. Harding’s steamy sex letters being released last week. HBO’s John Oliver, continuing an amazing start to his “Last Week Tonight” show with this take on Harding’s hard-on (sorry, that was too easy) for his neighbor’s wife.

Check out Oliver’s equally-brilliant take on income inequality here. 

**And finally, this has been listened to more than 3 million times in the past week, but if you’re like me and hadn’t seen it yet, it’s truly remarkable. A guy named Ryan Block calls Comcast to try to cancel his cable service, and the rep refuses to let him do it, arguing, turning belligerent, and basically being a complete jerk.

As much as I hate Time Warner (and I do so, so hate them), I’ve never quite had this experience. The best parts are the first five minutes; the customer had WAY more patience than I would’ve. (Check out an update on the story here.)