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Good News Friday: Weird Al Yankovic is back with a hilarious video about grammar. A great cancer fundraising idea. And Winnie Cooper is (sigh) getting married

And a happy Friday to all of you! We start Good News Friday with a man who I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned in five years of this blog: the great Weird Al Yankovic.

Loved Weird Al in the ’80s, when he was doing parodies like “Eat It” and “Fat” and then into the 1990s with “Amish Paradise,” my all-time favorite of his.

Well, after fading away for the last several years, the bizarre Mr. Yankovic is back and as funny as ever, which is good news, I think. My favorite of the new videos he released this week is “Word Crimes,” a parody of “Blurred Lines” that skewers all the idiots who don’t know how to spell or use proper grammar (Yes I’m an English nerd, but I’m not the only one who this drives nuts. Although having once stopped eating at a good restaurant because of the rampant misspellings on their sandwich board does paint me as a bit of a nut, I admit.)

Check it out, I think it’s brilliant:



** Next up, a very cool breakthrough idea in the manner of diabetes care.

According to this Washington Post story, the founders of Sproutel,  a start-up in Providence, R.I., want to raise $3 million dollars to give kids teddy bears. But their efforts are more than just warm and fuzzy: Jerry the Bear is a personal robot for children with Type 1 Diabetes, and he’s helped 250 of them come to terms with, learn about, and manage their chronic illness. In a move that even Sproutel’s founders call “incredibly audacious,” they’re aiming to put a bear in the hands of every U.S. child diagnosed with diabetes next year.

Kids can check Jerry’s blood sugar, give him insulin, and help with other real-life diabetes situations.

Terrific idea, and terrific story. To help fund the project, click here.

**And finally, sad news for “Wonder Years” fanatics like me: Winnie Cooper is off the market.

Danica McKellar, the math whiz/actress/all-time 1980s boy crush, is marrying her lawyer boyfriend, she announced Thursday.

Ah, Winnie. Good for you. But sad for those of us who always hoped to end up with you. We’ll always have our 1989 fantasties…