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Good News Friday: Superhero window-washers visit sick kids. A tribute to Roger Angell as he enters the Hall. And the awesomeness of whales


Man, if there’s ever a week where we’ve needed Good News Friday, this has gotta be it.
The world is going haywire. Unconscionable violence in the Middle East. Planes crashing or being shot down on what seems like a daily basis. Iraq in ruins. Civilization as we know it about to end because a gay man is playing with an NFL team (sorry, threw that in there to see if you were paying attention. Godspeed, Michael Sam of the St. Louis Rams).

It’s been a miserable news week. But hopefully these stories will make you smile.

And how could you not smile at this? On Wednesday at a New York City hospital, window-washers dressed up as superheroes to entertain the sick children who unfortunately were patients inside.

The hospital staff got in the spirit too, as you can see by these photos. One small gesture made these kids’ whole week, I bet. Watch the video below of the scene…

**Next up, the greatest baseball writer of all time is Roger Angell of The New Yorker. This is pretty much universally agreed-upon, which is rare, because sports fans don’t ever universally agree on anything.

Angell is 93 and still writing, and this weekend he’s finally being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. It’s an honor long, long overdue, and to celebrate him, one of the best sportswriters working today, Tom Verducci, has written a marvelous profile of Angell for Sports Illustrated.
It’s just about perfect.

**And finally, this was the coolest video I saw all week. You’ve got to love whales. This couple was kayaking on the coast of Argentina and came upon a whale. So naturally, they got closer and closer, and just watch what happens at around the 45-second mark here.

It’s the whales’ ocean, people. And don’t you forget it!