Good News Friday: A bride photobombs her future husband in childhood beach photo. A 12-year-old races a triathlon with an awesome partner. And Noah Ritter, an adorable amusement park interviewee


There are all types of sweet love stories out there, and no two are exactly alike.
I’d never heard of one like this before, but it’s all kinds of awesome. British newlyweds Aimee Maiden and Nick Wheeler were getting ready for their wedding when the couple went through old photos at his grandma’s house.

And there they found a picture of Nick building a sandcastle during childhood, and just behind him? Aimee, playing totally separately.

Twenty years later, they were married last month, just a few steps from that same beach.

So cool.

**Next, meet Noah Ritter, a little boy from Wayne County, PA who was interviewed by a news reporter last Friday about the fair.

Five-year-old Noah is so adorable here I want to adopt him. “Apparently” he had a great time.
Seriously, this kid is such a natural… I dare you not to smile at his humor.

(FYI, the video’s been seen 9 million times, and Noah’s been featured on several national TV shows since, and the Wayne County Fair is now selling “Apparently Kid” merchandise. We live in strange, strange times.)


**Next up, a 12-year-old girl who totally fits the term “hero.”
Rachel Prior is a sweet, shy girl who lives in Cleveland. Four years ago she was in the same class as Ethan Fairhurst, who suffers from cerebral palsy and autism, and does not speak.

The two quickly became fast friends, so much so that Rachel decided she wanted to do something fantastic for Ethan: She got 21 of her friends together and they all signed up for the Cleveland Triathlon, and agreed to raise money for the United Cerebral Palsy foundation.

Even better, Rachel decided she would run the triathlon with Ethan, pushing him the whole way as part of “Team Ethan.”

Rachel and her friends have raised more than $1,100 for UCP, and the triathlon was a huge success.

I heard about this story on NPR’s always-terrific “Only a Game ” podcast, when they interviewed Rachel about her friend Ethan. Check that out here, and here’s a great story from about their friendship.

What a good heart Rachel has. The future may not be in such bad shape after all.



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